GrowTube #89 – CBD, Cannabinoids, and A Whole Lotta Grow

EPISODE # 89 – CBD, Cannabinoids, and A Whole Lotta Grow USE DISCOUNT CODE: EP#87 at to save $20 GrowTube is a LIVE Stream show …


  1. Thanks everyone for stopping by and participating in the show!!! I appreciate all of you!!! Make sure to drop a comment down below and tell us what you wanna hear discussed on the show!!

  2. yeah here in oklahoma, we have finally gotten really close to freedom. we have our medicinal marijuana now, hopefully they will allow recreational for the rest of the population. i really dont see why they need to hassle people that just want to enjoy a plant. you dont ever see them kicking in someones door and throwing them and their family to the ground with boots on the back of their necks for a bag of tomatoes or a few jalapeno plants. its just ridiculous. im just glad that now i can legally get some medicine that is NOT opiate based. that crap almost killed me.

  3. wait before she started Talking abouto what they do not like she said soft drugs are fine as Long as it has Nothing to do with Kids Right? i am Pretty sure the second part was only About hard drugs. but my english sucks so what do i know 😛

  4. Love the growtube ! But watering questions should stop. We are weed Nerds. Past that. Have any of you newbies ever grown a plant? Watering should not be a question.. just sayin …

  5. When monitoring ph in a hydro system, it’s important to compare the following: is the EC rising, falling or static? Is the reservoir water level falling or static? Is the PH rising, falling or static? Looking at all three of these, you can get a picture of what is happening and the best course of action. There is a great chart online, search this”EC ph up down why thc talk” and you should find it. It’s helped me a ton. I’ve only grown DWC, and I would say I have ph problems every other grow, and this chart has def helped me.

  6. Finishing this up with a solid wake n bake sesh. Good stuff man, really digging the discussions. We'd love to join a sesh in the near future 🤝💯

  7. Hey @fregrowli if you are thinking of playing with specral tuning & most likely DIY,
    I suggest you start with a chiLED Drive & controller, plus a manual dimmer for each colour you want to tune separately from the basic red/wh/blue.
    I have a mix of zigbee wireless which was cheapish, & a storm-x which in the end wasn't cheap. Since then growmau5 got a job with Vitally & the chil drive was born.
    I have since built a chilLED diy setup for a mate, and the drive they sell is the best all round controller i have come accross.
    It offers the most specific grow fuctions you need cheapest & simplest with professional quality & networking. It's also compatible with all the good drivers etc.
    Get ready to spend brother, but you will have lasting control & learning.
    Happy to chat but growmau5 should be your man on this one hey?

  8. Optic foliar Switch is a great product is you have a lady that you wanna keep around but she's prone to herm. Or if you have a problem and are worried about herms popping up when you flip to flower.

  9. great show again dawgo.i like the what the fuck shows.but i wish you would put the earth picture back on screen instead of james fucking bond.i catch myself watching it and not hering a word you say remember i;m high lol

  10. Great discussion on feeding. I love this show! I learn something new everytime I watch it. Thanks to the whole panel!

  11. If you don't like the content then maybe don't watch it. Just like regular tv. Its 2019 not 1999!!!

  12. Another great episode love it when you guys free flow.!!! Thanks panel always enjoy my Saturday mornings listening to you chop it up.!!🤗💯 DAWGO 👍

  13. I have to agree when you want quality generics you know that Ocean Grown is one of those names Just like Subcool's The Dank and what makes these companies great and I have meet a lot of them and they just don't stand behind their genetics there tying to rip people off and you just can't do business that way and survive in this industry. As far as Exzodic Stains What makes them that way it could be that Pheno that you picked as you one true mother that you wanted to mix with your one kick ass male because of the way it grows the bud structure The smell the taste and the ability to be very very very frosty without the proper genetics you can't have high levels of THC and you cant have High levels of Cannabinoids and terpenes. I do have to say there is a big difference as a experienced grower of 35+ years and i have grown gorilla gardens and moved inside and have grown with HPS and Methylide and these are the biggest producers of heat in a garden and electricity. IR and LED vs the HPS i will take LED hands down because you don't have that heat issue you have protons that penetrate deep within the canopy have gave us outstanding results if they tell you that you can not grow huge thick nugs with LED there fooling you because the genetics if you pick the right ones can be something you have never seen you see it now days it used to be red hairs now it is orange hairs and purple and pink and they change base on the genedic of that seed and they are not all the same even if they all come from the same mother. So what i look for is that fost great smells and stable growing what happens if it has stress or heat extreme overwatering or underwatering that's what these testers are testing they are inducing problems to see how the plant bounces back from extreme heat or extreme cold they are under watering and over watering or giving it nutrient deficiencies
    to see how the reaction affects the plant Quality means they take the time to do there homework not just breed a plant and say well ok here are some seeds for sale and you will not see that with these companies I have watched them since 2013 Six years i watch how people grow out there genetics what type of testing they do to make sure they are not selling you seeds that with herm out because of a little stress Quality is a name it is not just grown in backyards any more for kicks This is why i can recommend these companies with out a doubt and say I know for sure these companies stand behind there products they test and breed with quality genetics because you can see it
    when the plant is fully grown and frosty from head to toe and dripping with roson and there are some that are just a quality of CBD again they take there time to test this plant put it threw a battery of testing and and when you are told your getting a quality product and you test that product you will see that these people have no reason to tell you tall tails they will get you the best in quality product based on the growing conditions I would recommend a 5 gallon and a 7 gallon pot grown to 3 to 5 foot. Some have there differences in watering time how ever you must always give the roots air and so I would recommend in its youngest of life a seedling you start out watering one time a week I know your growing in coco and it drys out unless your plant shows severe dehydration your not helping the root zone by over watering also heat and water do not mix well keeping your environment 60 F – 83 F moving the air with fans is great idea but not directly on them keeping a good humidity also 30 -50 % and bowing the fans on the walls of a tent works well or the room or what ever not directly on the plant where it can cause burn. You must give it food but in microdoses I usually give it calmag and a low level nutrient something like 2.1.6 ok 2.5 ml and my water is phed at 5.8 to 6.0 I use a led 1 light set up in a slanted formation as i am growing other things but I dedicate my led
    and space to grow a few plants i can grow a lot but i live in a transitioning state you know Medical is legal but they hate on growers but they can't find growers that know there stuff and knows how to control a environment fight pests with all natural pesticides and grow clean cannabis for my self for medical use I have Severe Anxiety and Depression and Insomnia very Server I just refuse to pay a doctor $250 and $150 a visit when i make under 10K a year and barley can afford to eat hey I am just being 100 % real with you I do not look for hand outs from anyone I try to make it the best I can I can not afford these fees to be stared at looked down upon or treated badly because I chose to use cannabis for over 30 years I refuse to take there Prozazk and Buspan and i have no interest in there Opiates or there snobbish doctors who wants to put my name on a list so they can take away my gun rights when i practice and uphold gun safety as should all that use a firearm but these laws until they fix them I have no other choice but to break the law or suffer we need to see the state change more and not give some one that grows a plant 6 to 10 years in prison for a plant I use Medicinally.
    Yes I break the laws because these Unjust laws have no right to tell me that when other states in this union can freely grow up to 12 plants with out the fear of prosecution
    and a United States Constitution that says ' We are all to be Treated Equally Under the LAWS ' And then you kick in and door for some one growing 3-6 plants or 6-12 plants who are not reselling them but growing them for there own personal use because I have no other choice if i go to jail i go to jail but I will not be without my medication that helps me become a better member of society it helps me to get out and mingle around crowds and people other wise i am trapped behind 4 walls for months until i can grow out my own medication I am one of the people that have been left BEHIND because you have some that say i use Anxiety Disorder as a excuse to get high. Truefully if i wanted to just get high why would i care about doing things and fighting for the right things where we will not be criminalized for a plant? So they do not understand what it is like to have this disorder and how the triggers are affecting me daily so bad i feel like i need to hide under a rock and not come out or be seen or be around anyone it gets that abd and it effects my quality of life So no I do not have to use this to get high I use this to live daily so i can go out to the store and buy my food pay my bills and mingle among friends when i can and not feeling triggered.. I do not sleep until 7 or 8 or 9 am in the morning after being up all night because insomnia wont let me slow down and rest The battle with depression is something I have had to deal with for years and it helps me by lifting my spirits and keeping me in good spirit just like PTSD I have had tragic thing happen in my child hood that affected me well into my adult age the testament that im not some nutcase that is up on a tower somewhere killing people and acting like a total nutcase must tell you something about cannabis you can say i thought i causes mental illness and that would be false it helps you deal with #CannabisHelpsDementia I hang in there every day grow another day older and get get by and don't let if defeat me I can smoke cannabis put it down for years and then come back just like it was the next day I am not addicted I am medicaid as this is what helps me live day to day and if thats wrong then i guess i will be here when you lock me up and put me in jail I will not stop for anyone if i did my life surly wold not be one worth living and that's being truthful from a old hippie pot head like me.


  14. What should be the age for cannabis medicine ?
    It can not be overdosed. It is a valuable lesson in the poorly understood placebo effect.

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