18+ GROWING CANNABIS OUTDOORS AND OFF THE GRID #12 Top Shelf Grower welcomes you to the roof-top cannabis garden at the end of week 12, …


  1. Happy Saturday and happy Croptober if you are harvesting yourself this weekend. Next week will be a double episode with EP #13 and the first Smoke Report from my Autoflowering stash.

  2. And do you think that planting a marigold in each bucket would keep bugs away without using a pesticide? Please help I might be 63 years old but I am really new to this game.

  3. Back in the early 70s I grew some tomato plants in a garden would be ground covered in black plastic and one half of the garden and with fire engine red reflective foil on the other side. The Tomato's over red foil Grew twice as big with twice as much fruit. An old-timer told me at the light spectrum reflected what makes the difference. Do you think that I just had better soil on one side of the garden than the other or did that all pucker know what he was talking about and do you think that it would work on weed to make reflector Banks on each side of my 5 gallon buckets by wrapping 1 by 10 boards with red reflective foil making sure that there is no concave shape or focusing of the light to increase heat but just to reflect without exposing them to UV rays from the bottom. I really think this work back then and I do think he knew what he was talkin about so truly what do you think? Really would like to know if you think it would be worth the extra effort

  4. I like the Afghan good old Kushes with the Hindi crossed in there they grow strong they grow fast I can't wait to see them bud before our eyes to glisten and the sparkling sunshine the pure joy has resonance of freedom medicine

  5. Bro i cant figure the accent out🤣Are you newfie canadian? Irish? Lol respect though, the girls look happy !

  6. Im having trouble seeing if my plant is auto flower i havent messed with the light schedule at all and it went into pre flower by it self does this mean its auto flower sorry for the dumb question im new at this

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