Growing Cannabis – Community Grow Channel 7-21-19

Growing Cannabis – Community Grow Channel 7-21-19 . Octane Grow Tent Official Website & Store: Whats up GROWERS! WOW what a …


  1. I built my cloner with that same tote. What is the benefit of having the water off in 15 minute intervals?

  2. If you can make an inner lip under the lid, then the drips will just fall back in the bin, and the seal will just be a backup. Takes a bit of extra "engineering", the ones I've seen do it with another smaller lid, or think like "angle iron", but plastic .. I think it's a window trim.

  3. For those of us without an awesome tent, how high is that initial scrog line from the floor of the tent?

  4. I had the same drip issue with my DIY aero-cloner if you add a vent in the top under the lip and run air hoses into it it will equalize the pressure inside the cloner. the reason its leaking is the water droplets are being sprayed all over and the air pressure from the air stones is pushing it out

  5. I dunno man, I'm not a fan of these auto pots. I liked your results better in DWC. 🙁 Seems like they aren't getting enough air to roots so they droop alot.

  6. Best cloner ever in my opinion good one LJ 👊🏽😁👍🏽edit..put the sprays facing down no runs no leaks 🤓👌🏽

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