Growers Episode 2 – District Growers

Growing cannabis isn’t easy, but the benefits outweigh the challenges at this boutique grow operation known for its exotic strains. Meet Corey Barnette, the CEO of District Growers in Washington,…


  1. im in DC and if you want some real help…i can help…your grow rooms look cluttered and the plants look awful

  2. your cannabis looks NOT THAT GREAT!!!!!! make Cannabis great again (in DC)…oh NEVER was….i see taco leaves that curl up…over fertilization….

  3. wow! just wow! so dirty so crazy so fucked i hope they got shut down because of this video. just goes to show how fucked the LP system really is.

  4. LMAO… I've heard it all now "aeroponics is like riding a…., " what?! The best method , the ONLY long term sustainable method that produces cannabis that taste the best and still yield as much as hydro is living soil. You HAVE to have the soil food web involved otherwise youremjust force feeding them salt based nutes and producing weird tasting harsh oderless pot, the environment is everything, that means food as well.

  5. WoW! This place would fail so many health standards in Canada. Very amateur. The whole place.

  6. Why does every grower in this series advertise general hydro nutrients ? They can't all be using them. Nectar for the gods works much better. I switched from fox farm and the difference is huge.

  7. Last but not least that logo is whack yo! Stop using logo creator and hire an actual graphic designer.

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