Grow your own Cannabis in 50 days – Cultivation progress time lapse

Growing your own cannabis is easy! No need for special lights or air conditioned rooms! – Order seeds that grow easily when you’re a beginner – Water the …


  1. I'd suggest using a fan on them next time to help get the stems thicker and burry them a little deeper once they get that high and skinny

  2. Nice job..
    How much did you end up getting?
    Much love and appreciation from Da Homie Gnomie..
    Come check me out..

  3. Nobody started with a 700$ setup, its a fucking plant which just need water to grow!!! keep doing bro, nice

  4. Yes he didnt have a full setup. He let nature massage those beauties. Such a cute lovelt grow. Love it!

  5. Love it! I'm practicing growing on a windsill too. I just want to see if it's possible…and so far so good! I started a seed on 5/7…no germination…just straight into thr pot. So far it's 4 nodes tall with 7 fingers and pretty lil pre-flowers. I cant tell what sex it is yet though. If somebody would explain how to post a video on here, I'd be happy to let you see them, share their progress and get some tips. I'm new to You Tube…just came for tips and to see if anyone else was trying it. Thanks fir the inspiration and I'm looking forward to my lil harvest! 😁

  6. Those would have done ten fold better if ya had just put them outside ,, weed plants don't like stale house air

  7. put them in a bigger pot 4 times the size of those u got then those plants will get massive this looks like my garden plants not strong at all

  8. Hahaha, the grow nerds getting so triggered that this guy didn' spend 500$ on lights lol

    Live and let live nerds

  9. Fuck me take 5 mins to get that amount of cannabis from my guy fuck 55 days for that lol big yields is what we wanna see not 2 joint plants

  10. Good for you man! Being by a window and your first time trying,just like EVERYONE had at one time giving it a try
    For the haters,karma is a beautiful thing

  11. Basic seed video but y'all fail to notice outside the window on the sunny day pics. Hes got MONSTERS like right outside the window. And you call yourselves stoners. I'm disappointed in y'all's lack of visual perception. Y'all need better trees yourself 😂

  12. Awesome bro!! F the haters! We all start somewhere. Least you got these haters on your channel, tell em get off your dickkk!!

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