Grow Vlog – How to FLUSH Your Cannabis Plant Before Harvest

Yes, I’m posting a controversial video. I realize some growers don’t flush because there isn’t any scientific evidence to support it, but I flush because I can tell a …


  1. i went to work for 2 weeks and when i came back my gf fucked up their watering/feeding so my plants went into lockout but she continued feeding them after ,so i flushed 4 plants last night , the 2 plants that are in veg gave me a reading of over 3000 ppm and the 2 other plants in week 4 of flower gave me a reading of 4000ppm and 1 was over 5000 ppm ,i flushed them out until i got readings of 400 to 600 ppm (it took awhile) .today my 2 plants in veg seem to be getter way better but cant say the same about the 2 in flower …….. my questions are *how much time does it normally take for a recovery and *how does flushing not drown or overwater the plants ?

  2. What kind of pot was that? Did it come with the trellis or did you add that on yourself? I like it..

  3. OMG THANK YOU!!! I've watched 10 videos on how to flush, but none of them actually showed how to flush!

  4. What kind of pot is that with the net on top ?? I really would love to find out ..Those look amazing.. Please let me know..Ty

  5. Thats alotta water for 7 ouces man.maybe you should veg longer next time and pick your pheno out like you were sayin

  6. Quick question bro… How many gallons of water should I give each day I flush?? Thanks💯

  7. Thanks bro. Quick question I'm trying to figure.. when it's stated 55 days flower.. does that mean 55 days since sprout popped out medium or 55 days since rolling them into 12/12?? Appreciate any input

  8. AMigo !!!! Solo orgânico também faz flush ? ou não tem como retirar os nutrientes do Solo orgânico ? E você deixa ela 2 dias no escuro antes de colher ?obrigado !

  9. There's a lot of fucked up info on youtube. This is good advice. New growers, you can takes notes from Brax. I know it's tough to tell who's smart and who isn't but, this guy is legit. Just sayin.

  10. I verify this information, not that my verification means anything. What I mean is this guy is correct.

  11. This dedication alone deserves a sub…hats off man…meticulous…(although… the pH comment was valid and taught me something I didn't know) …my first grow coming to an end now and some serious amount of lessons learned…good luck with going commercial chief…spread that love 👊

  12. You did all that..when u could of just flushed it without phing…theres no.difference I've done both I couldn't tell any difference..every1 to there own but I'd of just put the shower head on that and flushed it through lol

  13. I went to harvest with 1 plant without flushing.Cyued properly for a month and the weed was shit.Never again.From now on,I will flush everything

  14. hey where did you get your scrog net i like the fact you can move your plant with the net still on it i am using string net tied to the tent poles and is it adjustable thanks

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