Grow Marijuana: Giant Cannabis Plants Outdoors in Oregon

See huge cannabis plants in Southern Oregon. These outdoor marijuana plants are a few days from harvest. Organic soil and compost are the keys to growing big marijuana plants. ===================…


  1. I really think one of my main goals of this year is to grow a garden that you'd come visit. I'm working on it.

  2. HOL
    Talk about biomass. That is an annual? Hot fucking shit its huge. That's more impressive than the most biomass producing tree I've ever seen. Hybrid willow, hybrid poplar, and royal empress may come close, but holy fuck.

  3. Oh, I have one more question which I was reminded of when I saw your back-up water tank. I was told by an elderly Native American medicine Woman that, during the winter she collects fresh-fallen snow in her tanks, then come springtime she would go out and gather the freshly grown tips (about 2 feet long) of White Willow Tree branches. I suppose any Willow Tree would work but, she has a White Willow she planted specifically to harvest these new shoots from each spring. She grinds them up enough to shred them open & adds this to her water tanks. She said that there is a natural growth hormone in the Willow Branches which help the roots grow strong when used to water her garden (cannabis of food plot). Apparently it acts similar to rooting hormone which is used when taking cuttings for cloning. She uses it during the first month or so of the vegetative growth cycle of the plants. Watering in a ring around the plant, forcing the roots to seek out the water in an ever-widening circle. Have you had any experience with this or is it an Old Wives Tale ?

  4. Hello, I'm new to growing so if this is a stupid question please forgive me. I'm disabled (60 yrs old) & live in an apartment so, growing outside isn't practical for me but, I do have a question which does touch on the difference between growing in a tent, under LED light and growing outdoors. Everywhere I read/watch about growing, it is always mentioned: "avoid light intrusion into your grow room". I have a Gorilla Grow Tent so, that shouldn't be a problem but, my question is WHY doesn't the Moonlight have a detrimental effect on Outdoor Cannabis ? Could the indoor plants be missing out on the rhythm & affect moonlight has during the plants growth cycle?  Actually I have wondered why there isn't a product which mimics the various phases of the Moon cycle & the intensity which goes along with a Full Moon vs a New Moon. If you do have an answer, I would really like to hear your opinion on this topic. Perhaps if it is something beneficial to ALL Home-growers, maybe you could make a video explaining the difference & any effect it has on the growth cycle of the plant(s).

  5. In this lifetime, unless they uncovers the location of it, this is the closest we'll ever get to the Garden of Eden.

  6. I'm from a state where we can't even get medical use. It's absolutely depressing for me being a experienced, organic grower, and only having the option of growing indoors. I can't wait till I can move my strains outdoors "legally" and see what kind potential they have. The videos you post my friend are very inspiring. Thank you. _JG

  7. Help ! I’m hoping someone answers quickly. I have a blue dream plant. I’m in Michigan and we’ve had some weird weather. It’s getting cold and I need to harvest but something weird happened. My trichomes are milky with just a few rogue of amber. I was waiting for a bit more amber to develop but it hasn’t. Instead, the plant is growing new trichomes. I have new clear trichs between all the milky ones. What does this mean ? Is my plant confused ?

  8. and I thought I was hot shit getting a bit under 1 kilo from an autoflower…..I bow to the massive bush gods, I am but a humble amateur in your presence.

  9. im in southern oregon and i need help finding a building to put my entire indoor grow. its an emergency. We are being threatened at the location we are at, and we don't want to waste all the time and effort we have put into this. please help fellow growers.

  10. if anyone could tell me i have chickens an i was wondering can i put the poop straight on the plant or is it two strong for them do i need put it in pile an let it sit a while or not if someone would take min to tell me what yall would do????

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