Grand Mal Seizures: Our Terrifying Experience(s)

Watch to hear about our terrifying experiences with Grand Mal Seizures. Find out what happened to my husband, why, what the doctor recommends and how we …


  1. I sometimes get something like this, in a much more minor form, If i drink heavily, and not get proper sleep….I sometimes TWITCH, like a jolt of electrify went though my body, literally I will jump off the bed, but then that RELEASE ends it for me…

  2. how many drops of cbd oil does he take a day? my husband just had a seizure today… got an RX for KEPPRA.. after reading about it I am really frightened for him to take it.

  3. Hi guys! First I’d like to say E-A-G-L-E-S EAGLES. I married a man from bucks co. PA a very huge eagles fan and I can’t wait to show him your video. I want to thank you for sharing your experience. You made me tear up when you spoke about what you witnessed during your husbands seizure and how scared you were.
    My husband and 3 year old witnessed my 1st seizure ever last week Wednesday feb 13th. We live in FL so I didn’t lose my drivers but Doctors don’t want me to drive for 6 months. I have started taking prescription keppra which has those nasty side effects. I will be looking into cbdoil as well thanks for the info. I had the 1st seizure at home, hubs called 911, then I had another seizure at the hospital. I bit my tongue really bad. MRI and EEG came back normal. Hoping to get into the neurologist soon, cause they can okay me driving prior to the 6 month mark. I’m on the wait list cause they are out til May!!! Hope you are both well. Take care.

  4. i've only had grand mal my last one approx a month ago and went to the hospital once again, docs had to tweak my meds once again

  5. Hydrate Hydrate Hydrate! I'm Hydrating always. Thank God for you Brie! Give us an update in a month or so. Love you guys!

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