Gov. Murphy State of the State: Legalizing marijuana

Gov. Murphy spoke to a packed State House Assembly chamber about legalizing marijuana at his first State of the State address. (Video by Andre Malok | NJ …


  1. As a born and bread NJ citizen and a recovering cancer patient I am so excited this is finally going to happen! I had 20 rounds of AGRESSIVE DIBILITATING Chemotherapy! 5 days a week 9hrs sometimes more a day 5 days in a row like I said 9hrs a day maybe more! A week on than a week and a half off. For 4 weeks over 4 months 1 week a month….And pot was legal for medical use but very hard to get a Dr to write a script for that but no problem giving scripts for nausea pain and anxiety….when marijuana was the thing that helped the most for me! Than NJ passed the opiate new law scared my Dr and I was abandoned because she didnt want to prescribe those meds because she was pallative care for people with Cancer and even tho I was cancer free all my problems were from the Cancer multiple surgeries infections broken leg she was scared! Even tho I was told I wouldnt have a problem getting my meds due ti my history that was the farthest from the truth! And I truly think our opiate epipidemic would subside if people can get marijuana from a medical grade strain that was made for chronic pain or anxiety insomnia PTSD I really think people will benifit from this! You can go buy a huge bottlenof vodka legally and die or kill someone else from blacking out from drinking! PASS THIS LAW ALEADY AND MAKE NJ SAFE AND GREAT AGAIN!!! Opiates are killing to many especially our youth…

  2. Guys stay in the black market, the weed is way better and waaaay cheaper. For the record guys any cartridges you get are all knock offs, the real carts are sold in dispensaries and only there. They are way more expensive but pack a punch.

  3. Far as expungement, if we all agree that it should be legal, then what difference does it make if I had a ton or a joint?

  4. Why would our elected mafia
    Tax weed much higher then the approved sales tax rate?
    What will they do with the money?? Our gangster government is at it again. If that money don’t come back to us people of nj do not let
    Them keep that tax money. They will steal it just like they do now. 80percent of our temp toll system goes to pensions and health. Keep it illegal you will be better off. Once our elected mafia gets involved it will cost more then on the street and wait for the new driving laws. More money more laws I’m good

  5. I can't stand hypocrites.. Bunch of tight ass rich people.. On that note I am going get ready for my morning jog.. I smoke a healthy hemp paper joint before my workout.. I'm extremely healthy.. I don't do drugs.. I smoke Cannabis..

  6. Their is a Walgreen's and a CVS on every corner and not to mention their are bars and restaurants and liquor stores everywhere.. So I have to laugh at the hypocrites who say we don't want weed stores in out family town.. Lol.. Meanwhile the same people that are against weed, they go out and drink and eat at their fancy rich restaurant and drive home with their kids in the car.. Bunch of hypocrites… Cannabis is healthy and is extremely good for u.. Cannabis is the healthiest plant on the planet..

  7. Murphy, you are an Elitist Fool. This whole scheme is going to blow up in your face. Remember this: New Jersey isn't Colorado or Washington. You will overtax it and people will Buy it or grow it illegally. Car Accidents will triple. Better Double the State Police Force and Cops Throughout The State. You are turning NJ into another Detroit, you Dummy !

  8. So legalize it then regulate the shit out of it so only big corporations can produce it and keep all the little guys out. Never should have went to war for this country land of the fee home of the slave

  9. Goodluck to you all I hope you guys win… and I hope texas is next. Its criminal to withhold patients and people from a medicine that can help benefit there lifes. It's time to legalize.

  10. Should have never been apart of the groverment they ran around for years saying it's bad don't do it and know they get to control it they lie then they take it and sell it them self's any man or woman on the face of the Earth should be able to have weed at any time they want people know what works for them weed can't be abused but by emptying the fridge and maybe some more sleep so why we as the people allow. Them to control any part of weed is besides me

  11. Pot is like Kryptonite for the brain. It's like no one did any research on the subject – This man simply loathe New Jersey'ans, not a surprise since he is not from NJ, therefor has nothing vested in the state or the people. I wonder what the NJSP officer is thinking, standing in front of a man who so enthusiastically is taring apart the rule of law and the lives of the people that he, the officer, is looking to protect.

  12. It’s time America grows up make it legal let’s be honest every politician knows the tax money is just watering to be spent

  13. I’m proud to call N.J my home.. we should be concerned because socialist like this loser that literally cares more about illegal aliens than Americans that turned California in to a shithole !!

  14. This guy is an absolute idiot not too mention a socialist and communist. They are crying about the opiode epidemic but yet wants to let everyone smoke pot. He really thinks thats gonna work out.
    This is what all the democrats want they want you docile and dependent.

  15. God Bless this Man I have a conviction for a misdemeanor ( half gram weed) the DEA calls this misdemeanor a Schedule One Drug Conviction which includes Cocaine -Meth Heroin I can never work a real ever again because I now have a drug conviction from weed.

  16. Finally the voice of reason against a bunch of legal obsessed assholes that are waaay out of touch. I like this guy.
    A Republican

  17. Get ready for big health and car insurance increases.. not to mention second hand smoke cancer lawsuites.

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