Gov. Murphy speaks about the current state of legal marijuana in New Jersey

With the adult-use recreational marijuana legalization bill not getting the votes needed to pass, the governor reflects and gives the next steps.


  1. Simple, Its a plant! makes you calm, relax not like alcohol violent, sick and hangower. How many peopple see violent after smoking pot?🤣 NONE! How did you fell the next day after smoking pot? USA free country , yeah right! Wealty smart peopple smoking pot, but not the rest and dont you do it!🤣

  2. In other words, vote for me again and I promise I'll be the voice of the people. Phil, people already voted for you for this reason. You are a failure. Next batter up.

  3. Im from Jersey and this guy is a clown. Cannot stand him, actually liked Christie a little more even though I wasn't a fan of his either. We haven't had a decent governor that actually cares about it's state for quite some time.

  4. So glad this is what we are worried about and not 1) our shit infrastructure 2) our crippling taxes

  5. Listen to this guy. No wonder he can't even get fellow Democrats to follow him. He sounds like a spineless worm.

  6. NJ is run by police unions and big pharma. gotta keep people addicted to them opiods by gun point.

  7. Laziest group of people who cannot achieve anything. There are people who are able to build skyscrapers in the time it took for you guys to ultimately decide you want to keep postponing the vote until after the voting season, and they make 10x as much $$

  8. It's not about social justice, medical for those who need it or about what the citizenry wants (over 60% favor).  It is about $, power and connections.  Gov and Legislature wants $.  Governor wants $ and Control over MJ.  The connections want $ that come with the unreasonable regulations.  Pharmaceuticals want the status quo.   So both have reached a deal but the good old boys club has to provide cover for the legislators who are on the fence or opposed so no vote is taken.  For or against, the Legislature owes the public a vote so we can determine who we want to support in the coming elections in Nov.  Take a vote and take a stand.  The voters can then make their approval or disapproval known at the polls.  The point of having a Legislature is so bills can be debated and votes taken, not to debate and only vote if the outcome is known.  Why are they there?

  9. My black folks don't fall for this crap they will use this to put more of you in jail they are jealous of us black people don't fall in to this trap please listen!🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏

  10. The scumbag democrats in trenton haven't figured out how to maximize the skim on this pot scheme.

  11. Weed is safer than tylenol, peanuts, driving a few miles, swimming in the ocean, walking around in a thunderstorm..
    Prohibition doesn't work.

  12. Bribe $ Failed. They will have another meeting about Bribe $. when they get a shady deal in their favor then they will pass legal marijuana. they're all devils

  13. DO NOT re-elect Ron rice. He's a senator from Newark who needs to get removed from his Senate duties. His antiquated ideas on marijuana are archaic and show just how ignorant he is.

    DO NOT re-elect Ron rice.

  14. If these stupid demorats didnt tie everything into some social issue fantasy then legalization would get the votes.

  15. It is amazing that it is so difficult to get marijuana legalization legislation passed in the state of New Jersey. I am sure the enormous presence of the pharmaceutical industry in the state has a lot to do with the failure to garner enough support, but so too does the prejudices and preconceptions of the non-marijuana consuming public. The pharmaceutical industry does have an outsized impact in the state and its politics. Yet, tobacco in all of its forms (without a single redeeming quality) and alcohol continue to be legal. With all of the deaths that have historically resulted directly from tobacco and alcohol consumption, it is clearly not a logical or rational motive that governs the laws of a state or a country, and this is by far one of the most poignant examples. Maybe, it is time to start to identify who the legislative opponents are of marijuana legalization and make that information public, so that the electorate begins to know what, why and who they are up against, so those opponents cannot hide in the dark shadows of anonymity anymore…

  16. He's the perfect hack/shill politician. The way he talks, acts, everything just a stereotypical rich a-hole who could give a crap about anything other than getting votes….you need a coat when you're around him to avoid the douche chills…

  17. Government say we are not equal the drug companies that profit only have rights cause they own gods earth and not you

  18. Take a look at Washington and Colorado and see what they are doing and what they are not doing. More than likely, regulating Marijuana like Alcohol and cigarettes would be the very first step. While doing so your state senate/ congress can rescind the marijuana laws created by the state and make new ones that legalize the sale and use by Medical patients and if needed as recreational use. In addition they should petition the US Government to do the same. My only issue is that when it is legalized the internet becomes flooded with videos on how to smoke pot by the stereotypical stoners. Not everyone who smokes acts like that.

  19. If you legalize it then all them pigs will be out of a job. You'd have to release all inmates charged with possession. The state would feel a loss of money.

  20. At age 57…. I love my pot. It stopped me from drinking and driving drunk! It helps me with a good night sleep and it keeps away a lot of achs and pains that was being controlled by hard and very additive drugs! Who would you rather have on the road? A drunk that can't see what he is doing much less where he is going?…. or a pot head that is to paranoid to do more then 3 miles over the speed limit? Be truthful!

  21. Neighbors, even tho I donot have myself involved with cannabis. I remember a history lesson about a certain Govenor's Convention. And 1 person there was from the IMF, and he informed the attendees that the business of government bodies with foreign companies and currency, was illegal. And at that time the peoples of this nation could come and take them involved in treason, and kill them. SO, the IMF told them they would need to become "Corporations". So i ask myself 'does a *Corporation have legal right to "involuntary enslave" those living in a state; especially outside of the Corporate Capital property, or limited jurisdiction"??? Do the people of each state experience "involuntary servitude"?? or take what is needed for your medical needs, etc.etc.???

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