1. I was 11-1/2 months good, almost 1 year. From the 13th I was baked for 13 days. I did not get the high i wanted, maybe something in my chemistry has changed? Maybe i had mistakenly idealized weed to be more fun than what it is? Most hooking effect of the weed was the "cravings" which i wouldn't call craving because it is way more complex. Was a gross, flat ,empty like malaise lamenting for urgent soothing. I had not in the past identified how significant the "day after" trap is, this simple observation seems super important to me

  2. Thank you for this video it validated how iv been feeling. I'm almost at the 3 month mark for being sober. The first week I lost 10lbs felt tired but good spirits about it. Around the 2 month mark I got depressed and wanted to go back..but didnt. The depression went away and now it's coming back . Is it normal to feel depressed at 3 months and go from depressed to okay to depressed again? If so how manny months untill I'm completly over this? I smoked for 11 years straight.

  3. Thank you for sharing your thoughts. Your video kind of kicked my train of thought in a positive direction and reminded me of the bigger picture of what i want my life to be. Much love from germany

  4. ohhhh yes i know what you mean :] first 5 days was ok sweating and sleepless nights, after that i thinked everything cool, and boom day 11 i kinda dying , my face look shit, i look at my self i feel shit, everything is shit , i want die šŸ˜€ but i still standing , i hope its wont last like 1 month or 2 becouse i will go crazy šŸ˜€ + at the same time i droped cigarets and weed as well , + i have problems small in my life as well at the same time , so i believe everything at the moment just hited me hard , sometimes i feel like i go crazy , but trying not give up :] ( sorry for my engl. not main leanguage :] )

  5. This one is hitting home for me. Im one month in. It's like the first month went by and my brain is like ok. The joke is over where is the weeeed. It's like the depression has now been activated. Thank you for the vids.

  6. I keep trying to quit weed, maybe and hopefully this time im able too, its around 330 and ive already smoked today but im trying not to again,,

  7. Iā€™m not a weed smoker myself (at all), but I dug the video, interesting way to think about depression etc.

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