Get Rid of Hyperpigmentation, Scars, Dark Spots & Boil Scars on Your Body FAST | *Highly Requested*

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  1. Can these remedies be effective for scarring under the breasts from heat rash and infection? I've gotten rid of the infection due to sweating in the heat but I'm left with the darkened dry skin 😕

  2. Do you recommend using the oil mixture for dark spots on your back? I heard putting oil on your back causes breakouts but I suffer from bacne and acne scars on my back so I’m curious.

  3. Can you do a video on how to lighten the discoloration, get rid of razor bumps and such around the v area?

  4. Can you post where you got the cocoa butter and shea butter from? And is that a glass or plastic jar that you put the butter in? Thanks!

  5. Hey ! I'd love to see an update on your hair. Length check and all… love love your videos!

  6. Girl, you are so thorough & knowledgeable! You can tell you have always been serious about researching ingredients. I've been following you since the beginning. Thank you for this video! I'm gonna get this body exfoliating brush & make the oil.😊

  7. I love your vids!💯 very informative and inspirational! I suffer from adult acne and have alot of scarring. sometimes my skin is clear but mainly hormonal acne during that time of month is when my skin aggravates me! thanks for this vid you're wonderful!💯

  8. Thank you so much for that information about the different kinds of oils I can use to keep my skin from being dry and I can use it for my hair.

  9. Thank you Dr.Nina for this video.Can one use the olive oil and lavender mixture on dark spots on the face.I have dark spots for a couple of months now on my face.

  10. I get these little white spots on my legs, do you know what it is and how do i treat it?

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