Gary Vaynerchuk On Investing In Cannabis Industry

Self-made mogul Gary Vaynerchuk talks with HERB founder Matt Gray about getting into the cannabis industry, core reasons for investing in cannabis, his …


  1. I would love to be involved in this movement, I feel like the wave is passing me by and I have no clue how to go about catching it! can anybody help?

  2. I absolutely agree 100000000%!!!! I believe we can all have an affect on federal legalization happening sooner! I created confidence in cannabiz . com for this exact purpose, to help people navigate this crazy industry and legalize marijuana across the board!! People should NOT be sitting in JAIL for growing and celebrating this plant as SO many of Americans legally do today. We need to fight by creating great content, continuing to educate those around us, and working hard to build our own brands! Great interview!! Amazing!

  3. I need help! I have $26,845 dollars saved up and I want to invest in the cannabis market but how?? Someone please help and we could work together we have a limited amount of time!

  4. Let’s be honest sometimes he’s just not talking about shit. And keeps going on trying to sound like he knows what he’s talking about. He doesn’t answer some of the questions.

  5. I love Garyvee and I love Herb!! Great video guys. I'm a photographer from the UK, if you guys want a Herb_UK division on instagram let me know, we have a different weed culture here (Jokes, munchie foods we pick, legality, how we smoke spliffs with tobacco, etc) but it is soon becoming more medically available, and I believe we'll follow in the shoes of America towards decriminalisation and legalisation. I'm a photographer from and living in England, check me out @Verstomd

  6. I love this gentleman, I’m curious in the next 40-50 years also! We are in this industry for investment 🙌🏽🙌🏽🔥🔥 healing of the nation baby steps

  7. I am interested in the medical applications of cannabis. My father was on the Polio vaccine discovery team in 1955. It was his idea that lead to the discovery & he presented the findings. We know the pharmaceutical dirty tricks to keep cannabis illegal. I know all about the many, many US & world patents on medical uses of cannabis components & their clinically proven cures. My intention is to market mmj once it becomes legal. Branding & marketing are my thing. Sky is the limit on this rocket!

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