Full marijuana legalization proposed in Wisconsin

Democratic state Rep. Melissa Sargent and other supporters on Thursday unveiled the latest proposal to fully legalize marijuana in Wisconsin.


  1. Wi sucks dick everyone is stuck in the past when the people that want it legal out wiegh the people that don’t want it so why the fuck is it illegal

  2. Y'all need to get used to the fact that Wisconsin will be the only state in the entire mid west with no cannabis policy what so ever

  3. I hope Wisconsinites spend millions in Illinois. The Wisconsin bear belt is stuck in the past. All the politicians care about is money I hope people start going down to Illinois to spend there money. And the people from Illinois should be careful in Wisco.

    Come on vacation leave on probation.

  4. Dumb fucks long term use of anything is bad for you. Caffeine, alcohol, junk food etc. Yet still allowed in wi. Hell were the beer State, fucking hypocrites all these lawmakers

  5. They don’t actually care about the kids brain health if they did we would be seeing major reforms to our school system. This “harmful to adolescents” gimmick is fucking dumb. Tobacco and alcohol are far too easy for children in high school to get their hands on. Yet they aren’t been prohibited state wide

  6. Please Don't give up be patience and just wait have faith that medical marijuana legalization will come soon to all states in America.Best wishes. hope they can see that Oklahoma state has passed full medical marijuana legalization and it's doing very good and also I see good things Oklahoma state is growing I see more beautiful people who have to move here to Oklahoma where medical marijuana legalization is available to all and I am so saddened that people they have to move out from there state just to get there medical marijuana medicine cannabis. then I am so sorry that other states still have no clue.so I guess states where they don't want to fully understand legalization medical marijuana legalization i guess alcohol alcoholism is doing better things for them that's so very sad but it's the truth 👎👤👎

  7. Please cbd. Has. Helped me with my anxiety it’s just not enough just please I’m on. My knees begging just legalize it it would do more good then bad so wake up Wisconsin

  8. Put it up for a vote by the people ! Why is this left to lawmakers to decide ? We need to make it a topic up for vote if this bags of wind want to openly say such a crazy thing like never .

  9. Ron Johnson told me personally he supported this as long as it was used to balance the budget . So not all republicans are as anti as that ass !

  10. "as harmful as lead." With all due respect, go pound sand. The abuse of any substance in adolescents is harmful. Including sugar, alcohol, and tobacco. But here in Wisconsin we do our best to be the drunkest state in the nation. While at UW Stout I knew several students who died or were injured from alcohol use but not one from marijuana. Enough with "what about the kids" arguments. Enough with the misinformation. It's time to give Wisconsinites control of their own conciousness.

  11. i love how lawmakers act like teen usage will go up even though it should only be 21-older. teenagers are already smoking weed. wake the hell up and stop acting like people aren't smoking already.

  12. Good luck, it's never gonna happen in the state of Wisconsin, legislators here are on a 1940s refeer madness kick, funny how he talked about the effects of pot on teens what about the legal alcohol, legal pills are doing? Wisconsin will be one of the last states in the country to legalize weed and join the 21st century , legislators in Wisconsin have complete disregard of the citizens

  13. Just another reason to leave wi. Eventually the only states where it will remain illegal are wi and ia. The idiot states.

  14. Marijuana is less dangerous than alcohol. And it's a cash crop. We are a farming state. Once it's legal we will have the best in the nation.
    Plus the income for the state is desperately needed as long as the political figures dont get greedy.

  15. Marijuana cures cancer
    Treats epilepsy, Parkinsons, autism, Alzheimers

    Absorbs radiation from the environment

    Creates jobs

    Promotes mindfulness of the environment

    Better music.. Pink Floyd Led Zeppelin

    This generation isn’t having kids. Looking at big picture in concern to population health.. why not?

    The only people who are against rescheduling and legalization are people who have never consumed cannabis or those who have conflict of interest with pharmaceutical poison money.

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