Full CNN Documentary Weed Parts 1-3 (2013-2015)

CNN’s award-winning chief medical correspondent Dr. Sanjay Gupta, a chief neurosurgeon, puts medical marijuana under the microscope. All three (3) of CNN’s current “Weed” documentaries compiled…


  1. So if we don't Charlotte getting stoned… Why are we giving her CBD?

  2. Our liitle daughter has dravet syndrome,like Charlotte Figi.We started with cbd oil Charlotte ´s web.Wish us luck.

  3. Canada is already there and it's no big deal at all. All the naysayers were wrong and misguided especially the religious groups.

  4. Thanks to my friend who give me bottle of CBD my pain to my back since 2002 go injured from work is now gone no pain to my back and my carpal tunnel pain came back the after 1year of my surgery and now also gone. Thank you so much for sharing my dear friend

  5. Marijuana is the only safe & healthy thing to do. Even more than legal prescription pills. The only side effects are happy hungry sleepy(not always in that order tho). It can help with depression, bi polar, insomnia, anxiety & panic attacks, seizures, epilepsy, & many types of physical pain, not to mention the positive feedback on recent studies with types of cancer & leukemia too. & technically marijuana is not a drug..drugs are manmade chemicals, marijuana is a plant. But if some really do consider it a drug..alright, but its not a dangerous one..no one has ever died just from smoking weed & its not a gateway to shit if you're smart about it. A lot of shit thats legal can be a gateway drug. Alcohol is as bad as crack/cocaine & meth & heroine is, & tobacco/nicotine is bad for health too people die from all that shit in one way or another every day. It really is just a plant yet its still mostly illegal, while shit you CAN die from is still legal..thats fucked up. Personally im not against smoking weed for medical purposes, as long as its not near kids, & the smoker is at least 18 or 21. I hope its legalized soon.

  6. from this video it is more than obvious that there is already a kartel of individuals starting with FED gov which are trying to protect and monoplize the economic benefits that they hope to gain through this plant. It's disgusting. People wake up and raise your voices to not let them win.

  7. This is the documentary that flipped my views on Cannabis. Now I advocate strongly for it, especially since I have sick family members who would benefit greatly from it.

  8. My dad said, “that forbid it happen, but if you were diagnosed with any disease that medical cannabis could treat, we will move to Colorado or California to help you get better”
    -I am happy that I have an educated dad who understands medical and non medical cannabis sativa.

  9. I had the pleasure of meeting Charlotte a couple of times in the last month. She is such a beautiful and magnetic girl.

  10. Most of the info here is nothing but lobbying by the democrats for the MJ industry. BTW, CBD isn't the key. THC, no matter how high it gets you , is absolutely essential for the CBD to work, and is the more medicinal ingredient in itself than any other cannabinoid. There are a great many strains like Sharlotte-s Web. That one just happens to have been… right, commercialized. Like everything in this F'd up country.

  11. Governments around the world a buch of retards. They put so much drama around a plant that their ( employers) want. We are their employers. We are adults, and we don't need our employees telling us how to use a plant. And don't give me (ohh, our children crap).
    Nobody is going to stop me from using it……..

  12. The pill killed my stepmother the pills almost killed me. And now CBD and hemp and marijuana is healing my body from all the damage the pill to me.

  13. I hope the Colombian goverment, watches this video so usefull in a Country like Colombia.

  14. Every politician around the word should watch these. Everytime I do so, I end the night in tears for those poor kids.

  15. The u.s government knows that weed can cure lots of illnesses and don't want people to get better but have to keep on paying for medical treatment.

  16. I laughed at the teenager 25.20 mins in who they described his life and who thought he was an marijuana addict. Laughably they described what a lot of teenagers are like regardless of whether they smoked pot or not. Why is it people like to make excuses and blame other things rather than just accept they did what they did themselves.

  17. Excuse me for my, you guys are doing way too much research I think you guys should just leave it alone as for me I've been smoking weed for over 30 years now and it's just like walking as a baby growing up learning how to walk you just pick up as it goes so don't worry so much about the highness if it's not for you stay off

  18. **So in summary, high THC laden marijuana can ruin your brain, but high CBD content Marijuana can maybe fix the brain. Is that the distinction between good, and bad marijuana**

  19. **WHere can one buy good qualify CBD oil from a reliable supplier that doesnt have cheap fillers or false claims. Could someone please direct me to somewhere I can buy some. I am located in Eastern Canada. It would be nice if these videos could give us referrals to good suppliers. Thanks!**

  20. 🌿 Malana Cream ❤️🌿Canada Nuken / Diesel 🌿Morroco Hash🌿❤️

    Please don't waste tax payers money on so called research….it's all there in Atharva Veda ( Ayurveda ) and even Thousands of years old architecture where Cannabis is used….woooo

    All the pimps of pharma are liers ….we call them … Pharma Pimps….Doctors…..Professors…. & List goes on

  21. the FED needs to de-schedule the plant completely – it should have never been scheduled to begin with

  22. it was only made illegal for the profit of HEARST then it demonized by presidents who knew from their own studies that it is meant for use on health issues and has been used for as long as we have been here….

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