FRYDAY! MEDICAL MARIJUANA: Why it’s so effective on the PTSD brain *OPINION*



  1. So happy to hear how busy you've been! And can I just say again how frigging blasted excited I am that medical marijuana passed my state Senate today, in large part because of the veterans that supported it. It was very interesting to see this video and learn how medical marijuana works in real speak. I've performed tons of research on it the past few weeks and this video is more understandable than any other articles or research journals I've read. Have you heard about the medical marijuana inhalant that is like an asthma inhalant? That's the type that passed in my State Senate today.

  2. 1:18 hahahaha all i hear is Chris Farley lmao "i wanna love itttt and squeeze ittttttt, i love it!" When hes in the diner with the biscuit in Tommy Boy <3

  3. Hey man, love the vids. So do you think medical weed is actually a CURE for ptsd? Or if it’s not a total cure, does it help significantly? I’ve had ptsd for a long time not even really knowing what was wrong with me. I want to get my medical card and see if weed helps me

  4. Oh the babies!!!! Hi bro..♥️💜🙂yo.. let's smoke?!!!!🌞😊⭐😊on my way. You seem happy. Glad. Love ya…puff puff pass👍 got that choke!🖤💙🦋

  5. #jealous You're over there in Canada getting lemon flavored joints delivered and I'm here in backwards Louisiana calling my state reps, trying to make them see reason and understand that CBD doesn't make people high, THC does. I kid you not, a rep who is pro medical marijuana and is sponsoring a hemp farming bill straight up told me yesterday that he faced serious opposition here because many legislators
    still think it's evil, not weed, but blasted HEMP! He literally told me some fear that if the state allows hemp farming, people in tie-dyed shirts will be climbing the plants to get leaves so they can get high. One of the biggest groups here in Louisiana leading the push to legalize medical marijuana are vets suffering from PTSD and other issues. They, in my eyes, are real heroes. Not only did they serve when they were active duty, but they are now diligently working to get people like mom the medicine she needs.

  6. Great video as usual! How did someone mail that? lol 😁 Have a nice weekend my G and Happy Mother's Day to all the Mother's in your life! Be safe, watch out for one another, we're all we got ♥️

  7. do you always bless your joints ? or just when your by yourself ? if i did that with my peeps they would start talking the most shit no hate intended just wondering. Thanks for introducing dan, i could listen to that outlaw talk all day

  8. I never try weed but still illegal in state Kentucky!! I take a lot meds depression and anxiety and to be honest they really don't work!! Thanks education and love channel!! Keep up the good work

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