Free-Market Marijuana

By and large, marijuana legalization represents progress, argues writer Annie Lowrey. It’s well documented that prohibition has a tremendous fiscal cost, not to …


  1. Not only should it be illegal, but the production, sale, and use of it should be a capital offense.

  2. Marijuana doesn't "impair" cognitive function. It wakes you up from the sleepwalk of your daily life. It makes you realize that you're being controlled by everything, and you start to question everything, which means people like you can't get the responses that you want from your slaves, and you call that "Cognitive impairment" but really they're realizing they don't owe you a fucking answer.

  3. This might be the worst video I've ever seen. Also, the "medicine" most shops are pushing is not medicine.. Just look at how it's grown!

  4. The only health risk marijuana has today is that I can be put in jail for it. Money does grow on trees they just made the tree illegal.

  5. Actually in California all the things she said are not happening actually are. Testing products, thc regulation in edibles and the like. I am disappointed in the Atlantic for letting this nonsense out to the public.

  6. It needs to be legal but ban the use of it around children. Can’t tell you how many fucked up parents will smoke it around them.

  7. WTF, the government would give better services than the market and private business? never happened in history, this is ridiculous, more regulations, less quality and waste of money, just look at the shitty quality of canada, where they are prefeering to purchase from black market because the quality is just better and have no taxes either. This is bullshit.

  8. 18 of 20 beer brands tested positive for glyphosate pesticide. the commonly used weed killer called roundup. the weed argument is dead.

  9. 0:53

    A few decades ago one in 10 admitted to it, because the environment of the time was not conducive for people to be openly cannabis users. Nowadays the counterculture, has nearly become mainstream, and relaxed views on it has allowed more people who are already using it, to come to the Forefront and into the spotlight.

  10. 0:13

    The origin of the myth that cannabis today is stronger than cannabis in the past, came out of federal officials inability to store and get their hands on high quality cannabis at the time. I'm sure with breeding practices, there are strains of cannabis out there today that are stronger than they naturally would be, but cannabis has always had a wide range of potencies.

  11. I think you need to do a little more factual reading and find out the real evil is in the pharmacutical industry and alcohol industry why do they you go home and smoke a dubi

  12. This video is wildly wrong about many things. First it's safety regulation is actually much higher than federal regulation on things like food and alcohol because they have to not only have it lab tested but also seed to sale confirmed for every product. Second there has never been ANY evidence to support the statement that "9% of users become addicted and have withdraw symptoms". Finally suggesting that the federal government would be better at running pot shops than regular people is absurd. They are the ones that made it illegal in the first place FOR NO REASON OTHER THAN GREED! And have been benefiting off of that greed for every second it's been illegal. Further more their regulation of all the other industries has been a massive disaster, the prime example of this is the FDA who's life goal it seems is to be in big pharmas back pocket and let lethal dangerous drugs on the market while keeping safe ones illegal. In short, before you make a video about cannabis why don't you do some actual research instead of spouting a bunch of bullshit that's completely untrue.

    And a side note "Taxation can make sure that cannabis use disorders don't become a bigger problem in the future". No one knows wtf you're talking about, there is no cannabis use disorder, it's just non sense you're making up. And even if there was such a thing taxation would in no way, shape or form help it. Taxing something doesn't lessen a disorder, it just lessens access to a medicine from poorer people.

  13. Do we need the government selling us our caffeine, alcohol, and prescription drugs as well to maximize benefits and minimize risks? If not then why do we need it for Cannabis?

    Taxes also will not curb usage among heavy users it will keep the black market alive. Something I believe the people funding this propaganda understand perfectly. Their approach and double think is Orwellian. They claim doing exactly what will continue to allow the black market to thrive is what will eliminate the financial and human costs of prohibition and the strength of their supporting evidence are the words "probably could" and "would". These people are either dishonest or imbeciles, either way consideration of their views at face value is to be led astray.

    No matter what you believe the only correct choice when considering their arguments is to dismiss it for the simple reason that "that which may be claimed without evidence may be dismissed without evidence".

    First provide conclusive evidence of even one detrimental effect of Cannabis and then get back to us, until then this is just more prohibitionist garbage and hysterics looking to solve a problem that only exists within themselves.

  14. I would not like to be a passenger in a car driven by a person stoned out of their gills with this new super potent herb! One of my best friends needs to (yes needs to) have a joint the moment she gets out of bed, every day. For years now. Is that not concerning?

  15. This short documentary didn't even acknowledge Texas's medical marijuana program πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚. What a joke. 😭

  16. Prohibition is and has always been about controlling people.
    There was a time when Americans fought hard against being controlled, but that was long ago.

    Now that cannabis is being legalized across the globe, the statists here at home are having panic attacks fearing the loss of control over their subjects.

    It's pretty easy to see on which side a person or organization lends their support.
    Some people simply cannot imagine freedom.

  17. Sounds like some government employees and academics need to do their job. Ya know, personal agendas aside.

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