Florida Medical Cannabis: Knox vs. Trulieve

Hey everyone, First off sorry for the constant looking around, not really sure what i was distracted looking at… I waned to give a review on how medical cannabis is doing in Florida, specifica…


  1. Good Review! Thank you for your honesty! I'm a new patient and have not purchased anything from anyone, yet. I have heard, however that Knox had some very bad reviews and I've been doing my own research online. Trulieve, by FAR has the better reviews and take more time explaining their purpose for each product. I am in Panama City Beach and we presently have no dispensary close to home. The closest is Knox, which is 45 miles away, Trulieve is 100 miles away. I would still rather travel the distance to be treated as a patient, get better service and better product. Word has it, that Trulieve is opening another location closer to home! Yay! I'm looking forward to that and can't wait to get started on the MM. I have been taking opioids for severe pain for way too many years. Time for the pills to GO!! Thanks again, Robbie for your informative Review!

  2. I use Trulieve for thc mostly but the delta ratio and 1:1 tincture is very good and last longer for me than elara, that said Knox is my cbd and Polaris I mix the drops which I’ve found has a smoother effect but really wish they didn’t do away with the 300 mg bottle. Start at Knox then floated over to trulieve due Knox being out of stock. I recommend both companies but would stay away from curaleaf found to be a waste of time and money

  3. so actually. there are MANYYYY different extraction processes allowed in florid, first off. Knox uses a CO2 extraction, truelove may have some CO2 extracted procucts but not all, there for implying they use other methods (i.e. Butane, ISO, etc, etc) Tinctures are an amazing product and i understand this is simply "YoUr OpiNIon" but passing it off as fact is irresponsible. KNOX uses lower THC products because they are strict on their MEDICINAL VALUE and want accurate and consistent dosing for those looking for MEDICAL benefits. all the power to trulieve for being hella doptastic and living to get the world high. 4/10 on their knowledge. Also fun fact: all plants can have a name but its all about how their nurtured, grown, and extracted. research baby, research.

  4. Nothing on you as video man, just Canadian growers have nothing on American market they know it and Are About that $$dollar $$$

  5. Number one, for God's sake, their Canadian investors into our US market, though their NOW legal 100%. Grow your own florida fuck that only tested alone for cbd & thc. That's Crazy… Goodluck

  6. So you talk all that smack, but you don't tell them the cost, THAT'S what PEOPLE would like to know .


  8. Disagree with your “Review” on a lot of different levels. Sorry I see things a lot differently when it comes to getting “Medical Relief” versus THC values and Vape device looks. Beyond that I do agree with your “dispensary” experiences as I’ve also had the same kind of experience on my visits to both of the dispensary you mentioned as well as the many others. Now we have MÜV which just opened and they’re fantastic but beware of the pricing differences as they do it opposite the others with amount and concentration values.

  9. sadly florida is disgusting example one full gram 1000mg truclear syringe but a different dispensery in west coast sekk for $24…a gram of exelllent quality bud in OR is $3 per gram…I HATE IT HERE!!!!

  10. Sorry you have to use these overpriced products! FLorida needs to get with the program.

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