First CBD oil shop in North Texas opens in Keller, Texas

Chrissy Crowell wants to spread the benefits of CBD oil to people who can use it, so she opened Your CBD Store on Jan. 29, 2019 in Keller, Texas. Her products …


  1. Kudos to you for saying "in Texas, it really is a grey area." Few are willing to admit the truth. I'm with you CBD oils have helped me tremendously and there should be NO grey area in Texas because of the enormous health benefits of CBD oil! Best of luck to you in your new business venture!

  2. Despite the farm bill I have heard of people with hemp based CBD being arrested recently in Tarrant county. This on the heels of the Tarrant county DA making statements against CBD possession in the press. I genuinely hope this is the wake-up call TX needs to push for full legalization. Prohibition was wrong with alcohol and it is wrong with other substances. The "war on drugs" is a war on We, The People. It hurts the weakest among us the most and it prevents people from seeking relief without getting hooked on expensive pills that, from my understanding, is the real "gateway" to the worst addictions like crack.

  3. I think you need more than 1 type of product to keep your store open. Maybe other natural remedies?

  4. The Animal Clinic of Grand Prairie started selling CBD oil late last year. We were the first vet clinic in North Texas to carry the product. We carry multiple dosages/milligrams/strengths for both dogs and humans. A vet prescription or current client can purchase this product by simply coming by the clinic. It’s an amazing product that in time more vet clinics will start carrying in the years to come.

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