Film Talk: 2019 Upcoming & 2017 Recap #2 (ASMR)

00:02:10 Upcoming 2019 releases Recapping 2017: 00:32:40 It Comes At Night 00:39:40 The Big Sick 00:42:13 Okja 00:44:44 Spider-Man Homecoming 00:47:41 It 00:50:33 Dunkirk 00:52:25 Bladerunner…


  1. Hey u should do an updated movie discussion/ review type of video since the year is about to end and we’ve had some pretty good movies in the second half of 2018, hope u consider it! Keep it up

  2. First off, I LOVE your stuff. You’re an amazing ASMRtist! But I gotta bust you up a little and say…if I had a shot every time you said “premise”, I think I’d have alcohol poisoning. 😂😂😜😜😉😉

  3. There's apparently an amazing horror movie called "Hereditary" coming out for full theatrical release in June.

  4. The Predator is not a reboot. It's just another story set in that universe. It's also being written and directed by Shane Black, so….its probably worth a watch.

  5. You forget the all these superhero's are SUPERHERO'S and kinda need to be ripped to fight the bad guys

  6. Everyone's hyped with Ready Player One and I'm here like… I started reading the book but found it to be rather… unoriginal? It's like the american generation that enjoyed anime grew up and one of them wrote a fanfic on the very exploited I'm-inside-a-game genre. Maybe I'm wrong and it get's better later on? (but I get the feeling this is the type of content that SAO fans would enjoy…). Anyone who's read the book, could you say what you enjoyed about it?

  7. That beard hides your weak chin really nicely. Sorry I don't want to offend you, I'm just jealous of your beard 😕

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