1. vaughn so sorry to hear about your battle and I am relieved your not doing chemo because that is a killer do you have access to turkey tail mushrooms there? they grow here in missouri and I hear they fight cancer. you pick them off rotting bark and brew into a tea and grind into powder and sprinkle on your food. please give it some thought the rock dwayne johnson also makes an oil like the cbd your taking praying you get better

  2. Rick Simpson oil is the way to go. I make the oil but I don't use his stain. I gotta get his strain it's been on my heart for awhile..

  3. Going to recommend to my niece!! Always praying for you!! God is with youπŸ’—πŸ™πŸ˜˜

  4. Was just thinkin bout y'all. Big hugs and Love from us all. God bless you . I'll try to get hold of ya tomorrow.

  5. @ OMV,
    Please look into; The Gerson Therapy. The Detox Coffee Enema, is Vital !
    Also, Sodium Bi Carbonate will balance your PH level.
    Detox, Raw Apple Cider Vinegar will Cure your body.
    Learn, A Vegetarian Diet.
    It is known, Cancer and Tumers cannot survive in an Anaerobic environment. Be careful in what you EAT !

  6. I recently had surgery for rectal cancer. I'm starting to put weight back on with protein powder in smoothies. I haven't started chemo yet and still don't know if I'm going to need to

  7. call 1-877-374-2652 tell them ur buddy from youtube mass one told u to call. they know me. they know everything there is to kno about what type of cbd you need

  8. I hope you get some good C B D, I hear it really works well. Wish I knew about it 5 years ago ….
    Keep your head up, man!

  9. im not normally for chemo or radiation…….but because its isolated id be playing asteroids with those lil fuckers!…..id do chemo speed it all up man….get back to riding love you vaughn!

  10. Brother I’m battling cancer along side you , I’m on 21 treatments of radiation I’m almost done it’s kicking my ass , I did not have the opportunity to fight the way you are , but I’m also doing Chinese herbs and tea to negate some of the bad effects of radiation, it is what it is , but brother I love you too , and I will include you in my prayers as well and hope you do the same for me sir ! Semper Fi

  11. You're going to get an incredibly higher Medicinal Value from Full Spectrum Cannabis Oil (from the Female Cannabis Plant). Hemp oil is not Full Spectrum and nowhere near as potent… Hemp Oil companies will say that it's the same value, but it's just because the Hemp Industry is huge and just out to make money…
    May the Lord Jesus Christ guide your decision.

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