February 27, 2019 – State & Federal Law Updates for Cannabis Legalization

Cannabis Industry Lawyer, Tom, and cannabis journalist, Miggy, discuss the developments of the last week of February 2019. Hash Bash History is discussed …


  1. Update: I live in Fort Worth Texas, cbd is still illegal here period, Texas has chosen no to not participate in the new 2014 farm bill that president Trump just signed, all cbd in Texas is illegal, nothing has changed. The district attorney here in Tarrant County said just last week, that she will arrest and prosecute folks caught here with cbd even if you buy it in a local health food store, and it's sold everywhere. Only folks with Intractable epilepsy, with a prescription, are allowed to use cbd under the compassionate care act. A 25 year old man here was arrested a few weeks ago here and charged with a felony for cbd oil he bought in a local shop. The cbd was a full spectrum cbd oil with less than .3% thc, meaning any amount of detectable THC constitutes a felony here in Tarrant County and or/Texas, and cbd only oil, no thc, is a crime punishable for up to 180 days in jail and a 2000 dollar fine. Oh, the full spectrum cbd can can get you up to 20 years in federal prison as a felony. This warning was broadcast on the local Chanel 5, NBC station just last week. Sucks living in Fort Worth, Texas. As far as Cannabis legalization here goes, right now it's still like living here 40 to 50 years ago, still! They will still put you in a cage for a long time and enjoy doing it.

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