Explaining marijuana risks, rewards for your health

More states are legalizing medical marijuana and in opinion polls, more people seem to be in favor of it in the past. But what are the health risks and benefits of …


  1. Why is Channel 11 implying that parents plan, are planning to smoke and or give weed to kids to smoke, it's the medicinal marijuana in oil or inhaler type form ….with no high no THC, that can help with seizures, cancer and many more health problems as opposed to chemotherapy and the tons of cost heavy narcotics Dr's prescribe. Now as adults smoking weed is choice to do or not to do. Legal or illegal it will always be around period .No were near as dangerous as alcohol, fentanyl, opioids that are legal. Channel 11 must have an agenda to be putting out story after story on marijuana with a dangerous or bad twist to it, Channel 11 has to paint this subject, against marijuana and for pharmaceuticals high cost extremely addictive opioids, always about the money, this story could as easily have been about the many life saving benefits. A solution to so many health benefits that are affordable and nowhere near as dangerous as they like to tell it. We see you Ch11.

  2. There's no physical addiction to cannabis a lot less addictive than alcohol… he's wrong there just psychological addiction.
    And all marijuana products are different. Actually can help with mental illness advise nobody below 20 to smoke flower but just hash, known to help and doesn't cause mental illness it's about the balance of the plant skunk should be kept away from when younger. Always choose a high percentage of CBD plant at least 15 to 20% CBD when consuming it smoking or heating. Don't forget if you don't heat the THA it is not psychoactive and doesn't turn into THC will not make you high

  3. Marijuana for helping epilepsy works. I personally have seen it work. 100% for Medical Marijuana and can not wait for it to be legal in Texas.

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