1. We produce reviews on legal cannabis products in Washington state and the science on this is spot-on. The research is there.

  2. I have breast cancer and l believe in the benefits of Mary Jane!!!!😘 It helps me feel better and have a better life!!!!😍😍😍

  3. Thc and cbd are only beneficial to the body under the right circumstances and when a proper diet is in use. It's funny all of my recreational marijuana using friends that mascaraed as medical marijuana users who have diabetes , gout , and other conditions seem to think smoking marijuana is going to help them with their healing progress. It doesn't work like that people, smoking a blunt and then eating a whole bag of cheatos is going to make you worse and it's this ideology that is damaging the holistic treatment community and at the same time giving cannabis a bad reputation. Cannabis is a supplement and should be taken in the proper form meticulously along side a alkaline whole food diet for a specific condition . That's why we need to boycott the FDA and the dispensaries for their disregard for the health , healthcare , and genetically modification of cannabis
    Under false pretenses. Before we use even the natural medicines we first must implement natural food into our bodies .

  4. Cancer is a word given to the actions the body takes to save you…your lifestyle has led to a crisis of oxygen deprivation in the cells and tissues….cells BURN glucose for energy…once oxygen deprived,they can no longer burn glucose,because nothing can burn without oxygen…so the cells ADAPT (mutate) to fermenting glucose for energy,but this process creates excess WASTE….

    Cancer Treatment Is Complete Fraud

    Cancer is when a body doesn't have enough energy to eliminate it's own waste products. NUTRITION is energy,if the foods we consume have more waste than nutrition,with the added STRESS of daily life,it's only a matter of time before the body is in a cancerous state…
    Oxidative Stress is when you deplete your antioxidant reserves,or the over production of free radicals is too great for your surplus of antioxidants…in layman's terms,antioxidants are literally vitamins and minerals,and they are like the garbage men of the body,when you deplete your antioxidants the "garbage" free radicals (unstable oxygen atoms) build up in the body making it an acidic environment,an acidic environment is an environment for disease….kind of like if a neighborhood started putting way more bags of garbage out than could be hauled off…eventually the entire neighborhood would SLOWLY become toxic and uninhabitable. That's basically cancer. And chemotherapy and radiation is like carpet bombing the whole neighborhood and HOPING enough people survived to rebuild the houses. ITS INSANITY and very profitable for M.D.s and pharmaceutical companies…. A person just needs to stop the over production of free radicals and replenish their antioxidants and let them remove the built up garbage (unstable molecules,free radicals) and everything will SLOWLY go back to normal. https://m.youtube.com/watch?feature=youtu.be&v=00XYOB6dTt8

    In more technical terms..When the cellular environment becomes oxygen deprived,cells can no longer burn glucose for energy,nothing can burn without oxygen,so they ADAPT (mutate) to fermenting glucose for energy but this process creates excess WASTE..like if our clean electric power was cut off,and now we must use wood,and combustibles etc. which put off waste…..When too much waste has overloaded the bodies ability to detoxify,bad things begin to build up and cause destruction within the body..first the body will build bags to store excess toxins in until the body catches up,the dumbass oncologists call this a tumor,and they think it's a bad thing to be cut out,a tumor is the body isolating toxins to keen them away from the blood and organs…..,but the body can't isolate ROS FREE RADICALS,the body needs help from you,it has its own countermeasures to ROS,but you must give it what it needs!!! #Selenium #Antioxidants…….An (ROS) Reactive Oxygen Species free radical is a used up oxygen molecule,once used the molecule has lost an electron (to you,energy) a delicate balance of ROS is needed,but over production is damaging without countering antioxidants,and if the excess ROS are not neutralized these molecules will try and steal back their electrons from nearby cells…this phenomenon is called oxidative stress…antioxidants have extra electrons that the free radicals want,the antioxidants give freely their extra electrons to the free radicals thus neutralizing their need to try and steal from your nearby cells.

    Some must know on chemotherapy and radiation….as I stated above,over production of free radicals causes cancer,antioxidants neutralize free radicals,i.e. antioxidants correct cancer…Chemotherapy and radiation OVER PRODUCE ROS FREE RADICALS!
    They claim that it opens up pathways to cell death in the cancer cell,.and it does,it kills ALL CELLS because it's the very thing that caused cancer in the first place! so,in their logic,the very thing that caused cancer in the first place,is what they use to correct cancer? Why not just use antioxidants? I'll tell you why….The doctors can't SELL you antioxidants! And this goes way beyond money. G E N O C I D E…I'm perfectly healthy,if I was mis diagnosed or LIED TO and went through cancer treatment I would have a 97% chance of dying,and my cause of death would be cancer!!!
    1) https://youtu.be/QRdj2rag-Q0

    2) https://youtu.be/Mt6vzqMAZjk

    3) https://youtu.be/XdLyMhNdcSc

    This link has screenshots for review…


    Hosea 4:6
    My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge: because thou hast rejected knowledge, I will also reject thee, that thou shalt be no priest to me: seeing thou hast forgotten the law of thy God (nature) i will also forget thy CHILDREN….. I'm non religious,if a mother doesn't eat the proper nutrition before and during pregnancy her baby will not be made correctly! https://youtu.be/ejFYgBEw4vA

    Here is the visual representation of oxidative stress.. most all chronic diseases is essentially Oxidative Stress…

    1) https://youtu.be/dlZ5ROca0KI

    2) https://youtu.be/p1PEWZRHylo

    3) https://youtu.be/Q7AZiX6x56I

    4) https://youtu.be/aBtryyV7GBw

    5) https://youtu.be/tMx4kEtIQzw

    6) https://youtu.be/ejFYgBEw4vA

    There is only one cancer,and it's the bodies NATURAL reaction to YOUR LIFESTYLE that has LED TO A TOXICITY CRISIS and is TRYING TO SAVE YOUR LIFE..THE DOCTORS WITH THEIR "treatment" IS THE TRUE KILLER!!

    There are a few main things to do if you are cancerous…
    1) A-https://youtu.be/gj4Qo60woA8



    2)The human body must import 90 essential nutrients daily..Youngevity Supplements are THE best by far..https://youtu.be/LoUrvwzqKpk

    Himalayan pink salt has 76 of the essential nutrients…. Go to the store right now and buy Himalayan pink salt. Table salt is refined and has all it's savour taken out..It's good for nothing but deicing streets,it should be cast out.. Himalayan pink salt is not refined,and has all of its savour….Mathew 5:13
    Ye are the salt of the earth: but if the salt have lost his. savour, wherewith shall it be salted? it is thenceforth good. for nothing, but to be cast out, and to be trodden under foot of men..https://themeadow.com/pages/minerals-in-himalayan-pink-salt-spectral-analysis

    You can't nor should you want to cure cancer,you can cure oxygen deprivation (acidosis) in minutes..this is extremely powerful and will change your life..you will feel content after a minute or two..do not stop breathing in fully,expand your ribcage when you inhale completely filling your lungs with fresh air…You will alkaline (super oxygenate) your cells and tissues…CURING lack of oxygen..The cells will REVERT back to normal function of burning glucose for energy… https://youtu.be/RW1C_3OXhEs

  5. CBD is really good for the management of nausea when undergoing chemotherapy ;

    It doesn’t make one high,

    But it settles down the stomach and it’s a natural substance ;

    Provided that a given person isn’t allergic to the CBD oil or that there’s not any tolerance issues,

    Natural is the best way to go ;

    I’m not affiliated with these people but I’ve been told that they are the best and that they lab test all of there products to ensure the purity;

    So here’s the website address for anyone who is interested??;


  6. I have a biopsy yet to be done on my left thigh. I’ve been using CBD for a few months now with a Vape pen and sometimes I’ll interchange it with oil. I have neuropathy pain and it helps greatly. I’m also trying to wean myself off of tramadol and eventually the Lyrica. If in fact I have cancer I would like to continue, probably with oil at that point. And I am still undecided whether or not I would use the chemo. But what I would like to know what would be the ratio for the oil/Cannabidiol for cancer. My regular doctor is on board with me trying to get off of tramadol and the lyrica. I’ve even changed my diet, to a ketogenic healthy lifestyle. My first goal is to lose 50 pounds. Any information would be very helpful in regard to cancer treatment with the CBD. Thank you

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