Episode 01: Medical Marijuana Use in Your Community Association – "Can They Do That?"

Medical marijuana is now legal in Florida. Does that make it legal to smoke in a condo? Community associations across the state are asking, “Can They Do That …


  1. another "can they do that" for you:

    Can a owner who is renting out his unit and lives elsewhere come and
    enjoy the amenities (pool/gym/parking) as often as he likes?

  2. I toke it up in my Condo. The homeowner realizes he could charge a "POT SMOKING FEE" and makes an extra $200.00 a month on it. $2,200.00 a year extra in his pocket . Because I would of just done it anyways behind his back just like every other tenant does. So… why not profit from it…. But they will probably just use a smokeless and odorless vape to intake their marijuana like MANY tenants do these days.

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