1. This old background reminds me of the lip shade you are trying to create in your IG story! browny nude mm so nice with your complexion

  2. The metal wellness supplment sounds great. I've considered taking 5 HTP many times, and have taken L-tyroisine. And Gamma and the herbal extract, just awesome that all those things r in one. Thanks for the info.

    And u r not alone in trying to get all the dry shampoo lol and not waste it in the air! And ur desk, yes, very anxiety causing if it was my desk! Lol. I can't stand clutter or having a mess around me. I've gotten over it a bit since having a kid, since i just have to deal with it alot of the time and don't have time to constantly pick up and clean. But I'm still much more at ease inside, when things r super clean and everything is in it's place!
    Thanks for all the info. U never fail to make me laugh and always give me new products to try and/or new knowledge on skincare & make-up, etc. You're videos r always a success. I "like" them b4 I even watch lol. ✌😙 <3

  3. i just found your channel, where have you been my whole life?? i’ve been searching for a channel like yours. i love your style and i love your videos. thank you for sharing your mental health stories as well! i’ve been wanting to start a youtube channel for a few years but i’m afraid to take the leap. hopefully i can soon!

  4. New subscriber; I love your videos and that you use a solid background. It really sets off your hair and skin.

  5. You should definitely check out Calia Naturals for hair care. I use their volume formula with rosemary help with growth as well and they work wonders. They aren't too overly expensive and they are full of a ton of essential oils. They are a Canadian brand I found through another youtuber and have been using them ever since!

    Also, I recently found another brand for some skin care, candles and perfumes that blew me out of the water. They are called Pollux and Key. They are more on the "witchy" side, but if you like slightly mysterious, unique scents, they do quite a few tabacco leaf, bourbon, vanilla and woodsy scents, as well as some great resin type scents. I am in love with a scent they have called Spirit Cabinet and just got the candle, book of shadows, from them. Just figured you might like them/want to check them out!

  6. Have you used anything from the skincare brand the Ordinary? I follow a skincare forum and everyone RAVES about that brand. I would love to hear your opinion on them before trying their products out! Super affordable pricing it almost sounds too good to be true.

  7. Hey great video I wanna ask you because I kind of find mixed feelings and opinions when it comes to smashbox they have cruelty free mark on their website and they do not sell in China so is it cruelty free or not ?

  8. I too am an errant dry shampoo catcher 🙂 I do the same with facial mists as well. My head bops around like a velocirapror while getting ready!

  9. I am happy that you touch on the mental health- its great to bring awareness to a much needed addressed topic.. Thank you!

  10. Thanks to you I purchased the Kypris brand. SUPER expensive, yes but i think it’s worth it. Also i received a little sample of their rose serum, which is stupid expensive, but it has changed my skin entirely within just a few days. My skin is glowy and not greasy. Just raven’.

  11. I'm loving the fringe! You always look lovely but this is very flattering! I have so many issues with my bangs going in strange directions but that's my age & weird cowlicks everywhere… haha.
    Thanks again for your help with suggesting DermaE Hyaluronic Face Wash & Radiant Glow Face Oil by SunKissAlba. They have been very helpful this Winter. Sorry to hear about Paula's Choice. I am just running out & will take a pass on ordering again. I just got Not Pot & it tastes really great! I take ashwagandha already & this is a nice way for the husband to give it a try. Thank you for all that you share. It's very much appreciated. Hang in there Rhian…you got this!!!!…🦋

  12. Oh I love your sweater soo much! The color is beautiful on you. Also 30 mins of Rhian is exactly what I needed after not being able to watch youtube for a bit. ❤

  13. The plum rain that I smelled in store smelled like straight up tomato plants, like a STRONG tomato scent lol

  14. I’m watching this with headphones and there is this noise that keeps happening (maybe the camera on autofocus?) and it is giving me this really strange feeling in the back of my neck. Anyone else’s experiencing this?? I might just have to watch later without headphones 😩

  15. Someone I know takes Adderall, and I think she takes it because she has had social anxiety her entire life, how she was raised, poorly, and is unhappy at work. I think the Adderall is causing her to become depressed, have more negative viewpoints about herself, and overall negatively affecting her mental well-being. I planned to talk to her about it in a couple weeks. Do you think those Deproloft pills would be a good, fairly effective supplement for her?

  16. I just ordered the not pot! Thanks for the discount code! I’m so excited to try it out. For anyone else that may order from the US- there’s a note on the website that your credit card may be declined since the payment is processed internationally and you just have to call your bank to authorize. That happened to me and I called my bank- it was no big deal, maybe took an extra 3 min of my day. Just FYI in case anyone else experiences this. xoxo

  17. Have you tried the Josh Rosebrook Lift hairspray? I love it in my hair, and I think we have a similar hair type.

  18. Have you tried the Blood Orange Cleansing Balm from 100% Pure? Their team says it’s everything, it’s “Life” I’m curious…

  19. I am saddened to hear of paulas choice. However, if you didn't mention this I would have never known! We should all voice opinions to them, companies should be going forward with vegan products not backtracking! So unfortunate…

  20. When you said "I went to therapy so I cried" I just LOL! Not because it's funny but because when I was in therapy I would come home (with a puffy face) and my husband would be like "Oh no! what happened?" and I would say "remember, I had therapy today?" and then he would be like oh okay….. it was always a given ;(

  21. The Ordinary has a great Retinol and it's vegan. I've been using their Retinol 0.2% in Squalane for a while and it's great!

  22. I was interested in trying @Paula's Choice but will move on. Lice is too short to deal with confusing brands. Will spend my cash on ethical, straight forward brands.

  23. All the good you're doing for the others (animals, environment, people) will come back to you. It will. Life can be very challenging for some of us but it pays back. There are relapses and then it pays back again. I know because I'm experiencing it on my own skin and when I feel at the bottom I know I just have to survive as it will be so much better if I just go through it. I'm sending you a big strong hug ❤

  24. I would definitely love a mental health recap. Your mental health videos have helped me on my bad days. Thanks so much!

  25. I would LOVE a mental health recap! I’ve been following your journey, as I have a very similar story with cyclothymia disorder myself. Sometimes we just have to take medication because unfortunately things are so chemical and easy to get out of wack! Take one day at a time. I love the “mental health Mondays”!

  26. Let's just take some time and appreciate you. Thank you for making these videos and being gorgeous. I'd love to see a recap video. Hope you are having a better time x

  27. Try the Juara candlenut body cream! It smells absolutely heavenly and makes me feel like a queen when I treat my body to it

  28. You’re so pretty! I love that kind of autumn look 😊👌🏻
    Really interesting and helpful, thank you Rhian! 👍🏻
    It could be really great to have an update on your mental health, I find it really informative.
    I love the video! Amazing girl! ❤️

  29. I've always been a Paula's Choice fan the last couple of months I've been using The Ordinary retinol and BHA and find them 👌🏼👌🏼👌🏼 and super cheap.

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