Elon Musk on Why WEED is BAD & How His BRAIN Works

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  1. Im open to smoking every now and then, but honestly I don't think it's good for anyone to be smoking 24/7 all thru out the day. I feel that's you trying to escape reality way too much, if you almost are never in your natural state of mind.

  2. Love This! Btw… How do you call the type of frames that are holding your pictures in your room? Thanks Man Appreciate the Content you put out. Inspiring!

  3. Weed isn't inherently bad.

    But I think people who have existing issues with self-discipline or don't have their life in order should be cautious of using it.

  4. I have smoked occasionally and don’t like it while many of my friends love weed and all they do is sit in their couch and smoke. Some of my friends have become completely different people since they started smoking in no good way

  5. I don't smoke, don't have facebook or even a smartphone and I feel shit hot !!!
    Especially when I observe at all the daily addicts head down addicted to their daily crap.
    There was a character in a book ( the day of the triffids ) who woke up to find the majority of the world was blind ( in my case addicted to their phones/ social media) except for a few who could see and that is exactly how I feel .
    I know I should feel left out but instead I feel strangely free and emboldened for some reason

  6. When i’m smoking weed i think exactly as Elon describe his thoughts about the future and space. When i’m sober i think we should blow up the planet and end this madness.
    I guess we’re not all the same.

  7. The only reason he responded that way is because he received a massage from he’s manager saying what he did was really bad for he’s reputation in front of people in the world since Elon didn’t have that information, so I think that’s why he responded abit negatively,to some how buy back he’s reputation

  8. I’m the same way weed is so corny the smell the whole smoking thing is just whack to me I’m not against it by any means if you enjoy smoking then puff on I support it I personally don’t feel the need to cloud my mind that’s my personal opinion anyways and as I said this is my take on weed not against it it’s just not for me

  9. If you are lazy and unproductive, that is all on you. Marijuana does not make you that way, you have a choice. Whether to not do shit or to get your ass up and do what you need to do is all based on the type of person you are. Do not blame that on weed, its ridiculous. Thank you:)

  10. ive had constant racicing thoghts of ideas for periods nd itis emotionally draining u cant stop it…. i have to take walks just to ease the pressure

  11. Funny to read few comments like "cannabis is a medicine for millions" …yeah, you deliberately misuse that sentence quite often. I suspect y'all parts of the overhyped weed marketing for profit. Yet again, you always fail to remember that cannabis as medicine isnt consumed as recreational self stoning session by inhaling it. Even ancient sources of medicine wouldnt recommend the burning of sativa leaves (due to its nauseating smell), rather to consume it with other herbs or as an oilment. Self stoning just to create temporary self dystopia is bad and harming the positive substance of cannabis which is CBD. Even after this podcast when Elon tried for the first time after long years, he concluded that cannabis use has no effect on his creativity or decision making. Personally speaking, never using marijuana doesnt have any effect on my personal creativity, while continuous reading does. One fact is sure, dope/hash smokers arent making them more healthy than non users.

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