Electric Sky harvest time big buds topped once super lst 2019

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  1. Tht shit looks very similar to my plant. Nice job. Mine just started flowering tho but we'll catch up.

  2. Good-looking grow I was going to subscribe but they don't even let you know what kind of plant they are growing or nothing

  3. I’ve been really looking into the Electric Sky light. Your plants are super fat. Damn, looking good man. I was thinking of getting the 180 since I don’t have as much room to work with. Lots of tips man. Love it. Growers love.

  4. What was the final yeild off this beast? I love the idea of one in a tote like that…youve helped me make up my mind. New sub

  5. Unbelievable man…i just chopped my first grow nothing like this…how long did u keep her in veg? I have a sour deisel im am trying lst its about 5 weeks in veg thanks

  6. Just subbed up looks great brruh growers love. Check and like my video of envy genetics I started up a video last week.

  7. Look at that nice large plant off one 300 watt light I bet u could’ve had 2 of those plants under that light. These lights work great.

  8. Just stopped by after hearing about your new video over on MrGrowIt. Looks great! I’m happy to subscribe to your channel too. Keep it up.

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