1. Conservatives Support:
    Free Enterprise, Limited Government, and Civil Liberty.
    Conservatives Support: Legalization!

    Fake News Media Lying again about Marijuana being an Impairment.
    [Marijuana is a Performance Enhancer like Coffey not an Impairment like Alcohol]

    Absolutely Asinine to pretend that you can't drive high.
    Full Disclosure: I Skate and Drive High (Daily)
    -You're going to tell me I'm impaired when,
    I can recite Shakespeare and do a Back-flip on Roller-Skates at the same time?

    Can I reiterate: ENOUGH WITH THE FAKE NEWS!!!

  2. I’d rather gtfo of Arizona and use cannabis in a more friendly state like Missouri
    . I live over 25 miles by road and can’t even grow so every time you see a crow fly yell they fly in a 25 mile circle.

  3. I really hope this goes through, our state could make so much money on tax revenue, look at the other states, its been millions to trillions, people are getting over the stigma and our laws need to stay with us, this is a plant, everyone should be able to grow it, and its proven time and time again that its less dangerous than alcohol, prescription drugs, and illegal narcotics! I would say Oxycontin after an injury has more of a "gateway drug" affect than Cannabis does. That being said I agree with the consumption clauses, not at a park around children and definitely not while operating a vehicle or machinery, I just hope we finally recognize this medicine's capabilities and truly allow people to see if it works for them.

  4. I just finished watching the video "Seattle is Dying?" They have a big drug and homeless problem, is AZ going in that same direction?

  5. Damn Reefer madness 2.0. Where did they find that psycho " deaths have increased sense Colorado legalized" what a lie sense no one has ever died from cannabis use ever. Hear comes the drug money from the pharmaceutical companies putting out negative adds with nothing but lies trying to save their profits. They don't want people getting off pills and using cannabis instead.

  6. Let’s remember that it was insys therapeutics that caused the last legalization attempt to fail… they are out of the game due to bankruptcy. Marijuana will be legalized in 2020.

  7. its not gonna pass…. your telling me as a severe chronic pain patient, that when i wake up in severe pain, to get ready to go too work…that i cant smoke a joint/bowl, before i sit in the hot shower for an hour? That i cant smoke an additional joint or bowl after i get outta said shower and ready for work? i don't think so. NO ONE is gonna tell me when i can seek pain relief, or use my medicine.

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