My review of RX Vapor Co. Cannabis Oil Batteries and Tanks from eBay. These things rip!!! Subscribe to keep up with all my 420 Reviews! Link to eBay store:


  1. Mines a leaf Buddi had to take it apart on very first day lmao now the switchblade feature not working good think I didn’t get that spring bck in there right. Under that pic or emblem there are screws if u ever have any trouble with yours guys mines at least working now which wasn’t when I first took out of box lol had some kind of short or wire loose… 🙏✌️

  2. Could I put normal e-liquid inside the cart. Someone who actually has smoking experience tell me ASAP. I ordered the slim pen yesterday! I also have a empty cart. HELP!

  3. Dude wheres the discount or promo code ?!? Other than that Awesome Video, you got me buying one. Get some $ from company for great sales pitches…

  4. Shit sounds smooth AF.. I knew that ending was gonna go one of two ways . You were gonna get blasted and zone out dragging the video but sayin some funny shit or it was gonna be hit hit dip. Nice video

  5. Can I use this to smoke cbd oil? Im just starting out with cbd and don’t really know what to look for but I know there are different consistency’s I guess and I didn’t know what would be best for these fillable cartridges.

  6. There better ones on ebay i reccomend ooze battery stanky battery or imini vape or dabbrix pen

  7. I have a flip vape, just like yours but it isn't the same brand. I broke it lastnight and I'm upset because I love it! I'm debating on buying a second one or not.

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