1. Nice information ca pts should not eat white sugar cancer cells live on sugar it's sweet poison

  2. I must say, even if you try this, please also take note of what your doctor says. There is a reason that doctors don't recommend this treatment, and even if it seems like this cured you, you might be the victim of the placebo effect. Just, please take all options in hand and don't just follow some video on YouTube or some article you found online and listen to the doctor who didn't just go to medical school to waste 5-8 years of his life.

  3. my boyfriend been diagnose with lung cancer , im so depressed!😭 it make me sick when he keep saying he loses hope! i told him to shut and beat it🙏🙏🙏

  4. Thnx 4 vid. See the 4 Mind Shifts that helped me beat stage 4 lung cancer

    There were 4 big mind shifts I had to make in my fight against inoperable stage 4 lung cancer:
    * reject the hospital prognosis
    * Focus on a reason to live
    * Accept death (and life) as possibilities
    * Fully understand that the only thing on this earth that could keep my cancer tumours at bay in the long term was my immune system

  5. To fight stage 4 lung cancer I made 39 diet and lifestyle changes to help my 4 treatments. Given 3 months to live in feb 2017. Today happily tumourfreetim
    Unfortunately, you need to develop your own personal anti-tumour, low acid and anti-inflammatory diet. It is not as simple as this video implies. Balanced sugar fruits best. No refine sugar. Vegetables need to be the right ones to boost vitamins and minerals. Best to do blood tests on your deficiencies and develop an ingredient lists. Go as organic as you can afford. Pure water helps. Good luck.

  6. Nonsense. If you want to heal yourself from cancer completely, what you should do is go raw food. Eat mostly fruit and you'll be healed. Stop eating trash. It's all in the proper diet. We are natural frugivores who eat alkaline diet and cancer is caused by eating acidic foods – meat and dairy products, do not eat it. Eat fruit, veggies and seeds, but mostly just fruit .

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