DUMPSTER DIVING- THIS IS A LIVE DUMPSTER DIVE! We are dumpster dIving at Michaels craft store. Let’s see what Michaels threw in the trash! link to the …


  1. My 32 son told me that that there are groups of people that collect nerf collectors thay pay well for older nerf guns.Steve did you know that nerf made a tank nerf shooting machine my daughter in law bought my son one it is amazing lol

  2. Good luck and have a blessed gay Stephanie and Steve my name is Kim and I love watching your dumpster diving inspiring and wonderful people God bless

  3. Nice to see you both as a team dumpster diving.. Jolly good show!! I enjoyed this video very much.. God bless you two in your dumpster diving efforts and saving thingies from going into the land fill..

  4. Hi Guys, that looks like a good tarp, right? A friend gave me one of those blue plastic bags for carrying my groceries in to my house. It sure is nice and sturdy.
    July 18, 2019 – TJ from CT

  5. Hi, Stevensteph, how about given us Scottish time, as I don’t know over than that you live in California what is the time difference please as the very first thing you pick up that day was lipstick but looks like a pencil. The one I have is now just under an inch long. Pixie Scotland

  6. I totally agree with you Julia(hopes the correct) I have tried to watch over D,D. But I always end up saying things I should not. I will stick to Stevensteph Rules.pixie

  7. you two make me laugh so hard and I know how Steve feels about your loss. I lost a mother and then her little girl I had them for a long time it's 20 years and I still can't talk about it. I prayer they will be their for me when I go home. And no way could I go through that again. Love you two.

  8. Oh Steph my hubby is 1 of the people who punches when freaked out and he was worried that you were going to punch Steve and he love the games and the pranks and that's the only time he watches anything on you tube beside music so feel honored you guys and music are the only thing he watches!

  9. I love the fact that you work so hard and then donate some of the finds….pay it forward. We need more of that in this country!!

  10. I always check my toilets before I sit down since i heard a cousin's dad got bit by a critter that was in the toilet, at summer cabin

  11. Hi From Gaza in West Australia. Great stuff I scored a couple of bar fridges from the dumpster in Tom Price Love you Guys

  12. I missed jerry so much not seeing him with you guys . you guys do a good job when you dumpster dive and I'm so proud that you guys get all that food for the animals it's a shame that they threw all that food away when they can just donate it to the enemy shelters keep up the good work., You're doing amazing job and I love you videos god be with you

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