DUMPSTER DIVING- BAGS & BAGS FULL OF STUFF TO DONATE! We went dumpster diving at Barnes & Noble and collected multiple bags of useful items that …


  1. I never see good stuff dropped off at the bins near Meijers on the east side of cincinnati. I wonder why is that? I would surely love to donate goods if I found something worth donating. The only thing I found were baby things to suck on

  2. Destroy glasses sorcery and tarot cards dragon(devil) game they are evil! Person got rid games probably bringing em evil into their lives.

    Burn games and glasses!
    most merchandise and toys made by evil look Illuminati and witchcrafts and sorcery!

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    Come out her (world) not be partakers of her sins rest In Revelation in kjv Bible. Ppl going to hell! Maybe you too!

    Love not world nor things in in world, read 1john chapter 2:15-20 and James 4:4.

  3. Great find that singing elephant alone was $40 plus dollars… My daughter bought my grand son one.

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  5. I walked away from the video and I heard the siren and I ran back thinking yall got caught lmfao

  6. I wish we have the same in the Philippines. So I can give those toys to my younger siblings.

  7. My cousin hana work at great wolf lodge up here in the Wisconsin dells. I love paw patrol my favorite is everest

  8. Not only do you DONATE YOU RECYCLE!! Why do stores not donate their things? Why do they ruin it!? So frustrating!!

  9. Can I have a favor sir mam please share your and kind of things from the dumpster diving…

  10. It utterly blows my mind that people throw this stuff away. A local Value Village or Savers is just as close as a dumpster in most communities.

  11. Los Sigo hermoso sus vídeos pero no entiendo sería lindo qué lo traduzca gracias besos de Argentina

  12. Fab finds with all the stuff! The slim vase is possibly for a single rose perhaps? Beautiful glasses.
    Love to you both ♥️☺️

  13. I am so Very proud of u Both for Donating this found treasures in !!!A DUMPSTER…and giving it to people in need…!!!!GOD BLESS U BOTH !!!😍😍😍😍😍😍

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