Dry weight LED Harvest results – Optic 4 – the weigh in from 5 Autoflowers

Final weight from Optic 4 COB LED Grow Series 5 Autoflowers grown flowered under Optic 4 OPTIC 4 COB LED Grow Light 415w $549.00


  1. Current owners have said the Phlizon 2000w kicks ass. A few reviewers who have owned several lights compared the Phlizon 2000w to another popular brand, the Optic LED Gen 3 Optic 4. They said the Phlizon has now replaced the Optic LED as their favorite light. The Optic LED costs hundreds more for a similar output.

  2. Hi , was all 5 of your plants grown under 1 single optic 4? If so then that is actual insanity. Really nice job man , you killed it! Keep up the good work.

  3. OpticLED is the best in the grow light industry. My Optic2 is cranking out huge plants in my small 2x4x5 tent. Saving for a larger tent and an Optic 4 for my next grow.
    Must've taken you quite a bit of trimming, Uhhhggg.
    Keep up the great work!

  4. That’s cool over 1lb on a optic 4. But you had some good stem in the stash. overall you got good weight. Nice job

  5. It's important to have a calibration weight. To know hell yeah that's really accurate information. Or say I already calibrated it, so we know. You must hella love them Colorado cookies. I remember you were growing that long time ago. When you first grew it. You said you tell me how it smoked. But you never did 🙁. Im a first time grower im growing indoor under T5 waiting on my leds! Im a on an off subscriber but I really enjoy your channel

  6. Nice bro. Love the channel. Does look like you.need some jars or more Tupper ware for storage lol.

  7. don't no weather u will get back to me but been loving your videos I'm looking to get an optic 4 or an optic 6 wat would u recommend as the light I have at the moment is a visparta 900 watt led with veg and bloom switch but just don't think their is enough blue and red Leds in it ….. if u could get back to me it would be appreciated thanks….

  8. Colorado cookies..lol fuck that bullshit we will trow that shit away were im from in cali if its from craparado…lol

  9. Yo West man changed up new channel, you have been an inspiration on many levels , all dank related thanks again………👍🏆✌🥇😎

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