Drug Testing Conundrum Employers Face if Marijuana Is Legalized

NJBIA President & CEO Michele Siekerka discusses the unique challenges that marijuana legalization would present in a zero-tolerance, drug-free workplace, …


  1. Terminate a worker who smoked one marijuana cigarette in his life. But keep a employee who comes home everyday to become an alcoholic. These drug tests are ridiculous.

  2. Employees should not be penalized for ingesting, smoking, consuming marijuana when they are not on the clock especially if they are medical patients.

  3. I noticed some of the comments here really hasn't been thought through. Lets use a example, a better one than what this woman here was using. Example: Person-A smokes a joint every Friday when he comes home from work at 5 pm(4 times a month) and does this the entire year. Person-B Drinks a bottle of whiskey each Friday and get so wasted he rests in Saturday. The both are subject to random drug tests because they work at a mine (workplace of high safety regulations).

    Person-A gets a random drug test with the results showing he has THC in his system while person-B under the same scrutiny of a drug test comes out clean and a example employee. The guy that's been smoking weed every Friday for a year fails his test because THC detectable traces takes much longer to clear the body- does this mean he is under the influence of weed at that very moment, he is stoned, high? Or does it mean that the substance is detectable in your system because traces of its use stays longer in the body.

    Here is your simpleton solution for companies: Use drug tests that only detect if you have been using marijuana the last 10-15 hours? No one can tell me you smoke a joint and you're still high after 15 hours, if so, let me breed that strain for the stoners- I'll be rich.

  4. I've been saying this for years however, the stoners weren't listening. Employers can "Hire at will and Fire at will" and have drug tests for safety and insurance purposes. Pot-heads
    never think about the consequences. At least this will "thin-out" the herd of lazy, dangerous, slackers to a degree.

  5. This is going to be a nightmare. What about liability, safety, workers comp, this is an idiotic policy on the part of Mr Murphy and his pandering for votes.

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