Drug Smuggling Submarine Raid – (WWB #5)

Back again with another week of cannabis related news! This week we cover everything from Oregon having too much weed to even sell, to a drug smuggling …


  1. Just found your new channel again was subbed to the one that was deleted and thought you were gone! Glad to see you still making vids reminds me of when I first started smoking haha good times

  2. So, my state, Pennsylvania just added anxiety and tourettes to the medical list. I'm personally going to try and get my card for anxiety. However it's a little ridiculous that it's not recreational here yet.. Haven't smoked in almost a month. It blows.

  3. I can't wait to be able to grow my own weed. I still live in an illegal state. And medical cannabis is limited medical cannabis. Which I'm sure what the limited medical cannabis is. Louisiana is always slow to get with the program

  4. I am a certified CBD Counselor trying to educate and steer people away from mass retailers to the HIGH QUALITY products american growers, processors , etc. are producing. These products are making a real difference in real people's lives.

  5. I’m an Oregon cannabis cultivator/extract artist and can confirm Josh knows what he is talking about. It’s a tough market right now. I’m fortunate enough to have a robust distribution network because I’ve been growing med way before rec was legal. I also always keep my plant count down to focus on quality. I also make my own nutrients and inputs and grow no-till to keep my overhead crazy low. Dispensaries have 30 dollar ozs of flowers and 10 a gram for very good shatter.

  6. Yeah no shit you don't see Mexican schwag, you live in a legal state, it's very much alive and well in all the illegal states I've visited recently lol

  7. Also yes! 5 dollars a gram will be a thing for good grade only. Screw these mid grade and low grade pushers! The wheels of revolution will continue to move forward!

  8. The beard and stash never looked so good!!! I could hear you tell stories for hours especially if you're in a rocking chair behind a fire place 😂👌🏼! Anyway why how tf does Oregon have too much weed to sell??? They should bring it over to the east coast and bless us with their west coast popping deals… they might as well flex on us some more by providing for this weed rapper prices and over all drought because people here are so stingy 😝😝😝🤑🤑🤑😤

  9. Wow your audience dropped shit ton josh I remember back in 2015 strain central and the adorable amazing silenced hippie had above 300k likes on every video they dropped now I’m surprised josh only gets 300-400 likes

  10. If cops werent stupid and the government wasn't then it'd be legal and people wouldn't have to do it illegally. People been shipping it out

  11. So glad you've been posting again. I've missed your videos. <3 I've watched you for years and have even met and dabbed with you at hempfest one year. 🙂 Keep it up bro.

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