1. 14.8 million drove high this month…

    Where is the corresponding "risk" reports…? Or do we have to wait for another month to compare Apple's with apples from last month?

  2. Cops just want to rob of us more freedoms and money. Marijuana is proven to not impact motor skills for regular users

  3. For are you guys don't have a case yet or a new story and the last year or really ever of anyone high on weed killing another driver because they're all paranoid. So you Look very unprofessional to even boast such a topic on your broadcast but of course it comes from your controllers.

  4. We don't even really have millions of people smoking it in this state you silly guys. The real truth is the millions includes those on pills and prescriptions as well.

  5. Worried about marajuana inhibition while driving. Hundreds of thousands die around the world from drunk drivers. People need to get their priorities straight.

  6. When do u ever here some got killed while driving high on weed all please find something else to talk about

  7. Umm, AAA who asked you? You charge a ridiculous amount of money for insurance and now a study for 14.8 million people showing that we need to expedite Dre officers. Does this mean we should keep you around to charge us more for the study? Can you do a study on how much you gauge people in insurance and how it impacts your credit score and how your credit score determines how much you pay for insurance? So a study on the high price of insurance AAA!

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