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As Canada prepares for legal pot, the federal government plans to spend as much as $80-million to train 750 police officers to smoke out high drivers. But how sound is the test? A Fifth Estate…


  1. Police are angry that society has legalized marijuana. This DUI for marijuana is the new ‘cash cow’ for police. It used to be a cop could claim “I smell weed” to completely destroy your 4th Amendment rights. They need to start building more prisons for you and me to live in.

  2. i call bullshit, that cops body language showed he was nervous, and the cops can't be wrong, they bust you, they take breath of urine or blood and they find nothing? "oh, sorry you can go" meanwhile you have to pay for your car being towed, of which they rip apart hoping to find something, now have long hair and long beard, as i do, and i suffered from bias just by my looks, cops suck, looking for brownie pts w/ the watch commander

  3. The difference between terrorist and cops is some terrorist get punished for terrorizing taxpayers and children.

  4. Follow the money……… all the tests and everything is a way for the state to make money. They bank whether you’re found guilty or not

  5. I was charged with a DUI. I'm a disabled Vet and I use 3:1 ratio CBD/THC to treat a couple of things. I've been fighting the charges for 26 months now. I wanted to warn others of another trap that still exists in the California legal system with the use of medical marijuana.  I had never had a speeding ticket before that night. I also was still working for the Airforce at the time with a active security clearance. Hopefully by finally talking about this openly I can help someone else avoid it. Its Expensive but fighting it is a must!! @

  6. I can tell you right now for sure any roadside cannabis test must be a series of tests… like a timed written test and physical tests.

  7. Your anti-dui commercial that you showcased… I don't know about Canada but what is really aggravating in the United States is that they are always male… I'm sick of just everything on television almost constantly making men look bad… Especially when you are using taxpayer money, you better show that more than men have been stopped and arrested for this issue.

  8. "Your psycho physical test Divided attention test you should pass them with flying colors because they are simple and easy to do if you're not impaired and you're going to get back in your car and drive away."

    I volunteer to be a participant in these tests I would like to see how they handle a handicapped person.

  9. i can see how that test works, cops already are the KKK hunting negus now they have a full sweep to attack our people hmmmm

  10. Sometimes I wonder if the push to legalize pot is partially motivated in the left's desire to have less people driving personal vehicles. I'm not a trumptard or anything but we all know that far left democrats hate cars and want everyone taking the bus or metro.


  12. I'M FKING ANGRY N POLICE N3EDS TO STOP NOW, A LAW SUIT AGAINST THE COPS AND THE GOVERNMENT. So they take ur blood and keep it against ur will just because of their bias suspicion fk this Canada do something now

  13. THIS IS WRONG AND A CLASS ACTION LAWSUIT NEEDS TO START NOW AGAINST TORONTO POLICE. EVERYONE IS DIFFERENT, I BROKE MY BACK AND CAN'T WALK PERFECT THIS IS WRONG.. My balance is horrible so what the fk. Every person is different, what about anxiety, fk this loser

  14. Canadian Police are getting more corrupt recently. I'm just going to avoid travelling to Canada from now on.

  15. It'd be so awesome if that one dude's kids grew up to be cop killers and pay back for what they did to them and their father that is Total Justice served righteously

  16. so many people going to defend marijuana and driving… I want my freedom they scream… Drugs behind the wheel kill people you don't get that? Oh it'll never happen to me right . People make poor decisions without even thinking of the consequences too busy thinking about themselves. Sure the test is flawed but you heard them they don't have anything else… you making the right decision is what they're relying on, you cannot see a problem here? if freedom breeds mass irresponsibility and selfish conduct and maybe I don't want it…

  17. These tests are bullshit… what happens to people who are older and have poor balance and wear glasses all day so they might have red eye issues… Either you test the blood or get a real machine to test the drivers. As someone who hardly drinks and never drinks and drives (not even a sip) and someone who has never done drugs ever (and proud of it), if this happened to me, I would go missile!!!!! Something that can ruin your life should not depend on some cops opinion…

  18. So, I can't speak for the US model but in Canada there is a roadside version. If you fail that you are arrested and a far more extensive test preformed back at the Police station. If you fail that there is a urine sample taken. Only if the Urine sample analysis reveals a drug in your body the exceeds the legal limit will you get charged. It's far from "A snap Judgment" as put here.

  19. I am wondering about some stuff….
    Apparently here in Ontario the sale of CBD containing products is about to be outlawed (my local Petro Canada tells me they have till the end of the month (Mar) to sell their stock)…
    I am told that CBD causes false positives with the standard saliva sample/tongue scraping tests that are being used ??
    Also, if all the legal marijuana has to have the ubiquitous tax stamp..how the heck am I gonna grow my 4 plants (apparently only from their seeds??) …
    Finally…what's the difference between a monopoly and what the Canadian government has done by "legalizing" marijuana? And who did they legalize it for? us…or themselves????

  20. Lmao I get hi all day every day. I drove for 20 years like this. I have got in one accident and that was because of the other driver Not looking. It is my medics I am scared of pills make me real bad. I don't drive if I need to take them. But weed I do fine.and some day all get cot but all still drive hi with weed and if I Loo's my license its OK because everyone is doing it were I am from. But they lost there's because they were drunk. Way worst.

  21. Blows my mind people can’t drive high. Blows my mind you can get in trouble for that. Don’t smoke anymore, but never effected my ability to drive lol or function in general

  22. Bruh I drive high everyday and have never hit anything or anyone driving high isn’t bad if you can handle yourself and not be driving after your first time smoking weed

  23. People should be able to sue the arresting officer .well maxwel is wrong high on weed drivers dont do hi speed chases

  24. how do they do these tests on people who are handicapped, like you walk with a cane or you're in a wheelchair? maybe they just let you go, because there's no breathalyzer for weed 🙂

  25. a blood test is invalid weed can stay in your system for up to 6 weeks.there is no percentage or blood count.. it's either negative or positive..even at that you can buy chemicals to clean your urine blood and hair folicles..

  26. welcome to canada where laws are passed on feelings not facts..seems odd that 40 years ago cops would catch us getting stoned and tell us to go smoke pot somewhere else.now they want to impose laws with no legal standing..they don't have enough research to tell weather weed helps the sick but they have enough biased beliefs to prove your impaired…26,000 o.d.'s on prescription drugs last year.licenses are not effected,insurance not effected,acceptance in the community is over whelming, so the facts must be ignored..if it's so hard to prove, it's going to be just as hard to disprove and the courts and government rely on that fact. those are the #'s they use to create new laws that are ridiculous and not based on facts.

  27. This is INSANITY! Some IGNORANT PIGS are stopping people, trying to guess if they are high? What kind of bullsh_t is that? First and foremost, some pig who has never smoked a joint would be the worst person to ever try to judge, and anyone who has ever smoked any amount of weed knows it's affects cause little impairment, compared to alcohol. You can get more adverse effects from some over the counter cold medications.

  28. I’ve ridden over 1 million miles high on cannabis! I never had a single crash and rode anywhere from 10,000 to 50,000 miles a year! I started smoking it at 12 and growing it at age 13! There was 40 friends I had in school who also grew weed! Long live cannabis, avoid alcohol completely

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