Drinking Roundup Weed Killer | The Unfortunate Truth

Drinking Roundup Weed Killer | The Unfortunate Truth is a video that highlight the hard reality of toxicity in modern society causing many health concerns.


  1. Regarding the report on glyphosate in General Mills products, does this include generic brands as well?

  2. You cannot look at the increase of glyphosate without looking at the decrease of other more harmful herbicides that are obsolete because of the effectiveness and safety of glyphosate.

  3. The WHO and FAOJoint committee on pesticide residues issued a report in 2016 stating the use of glyphosate formulations does not necessarily constitute a health risk, and giving admissible daily maximum intake limits (one milligram/kg of body weight per day) for chronic toxicity.[12]The European Chemicals Agency (ECHA) classified glyphosate as causing serious eye damage and toxic to aquatic life, but did not find evidence implicating it as a carcinogen, a mutagen, toxic to reproduction, nor toxic to specific organs.

  4. Thanks Doc. Only by people like you coming out and explaining "the Carcinogen Glyphosate" to people who only believe what the TV commercials told them, will the masses begin to become educated to the dangers of this deadly chemical, GLYPHOSATE. Please look into CHEMTRAILING and Militarized Weather Control, in your spare time. We whacked out Conspiracy Theorists believe these activities to be exponentially more toxic than the use of carcinogenic herbicides. Thank you Sir.

  5. Listen to this man. I live next to a no till Farmer that’s been drifting my trees and killing them for years. The last five years I’ve been stuck in bed because doctors can’t figure out why my digestive system has just shut down. Department of Agriculture will do nothing. It’s all greed greed greed. Have a growth on my head yet to be determined. I’m growing my own micro greens eating organically and I’m getting some results of feeling better actually can get out of my house

  6. Think it might be 2 years since I had a beer last.. As for wine, gosh… Not a clue, a lot more than that.

  7. This reminds me of DuPont teflon c8 found in all human blood. Or johnson and johnson asbestos baby powder coverup. Etc.

    Monsanto boycott

  8. What are the most contaminaded items (do you have a link to a summary list please?) Can chlorella help with detoxifying this toxin?

  9. Save money on gas and top your tank off with piss. 9 parts gas/1 part piss. Won’t hurt a thing.

  10. this is not by accident follow the money Trail deep down the rabbit hole and you will be shocked and sickened.. beyond belief.

  11. I'm assuming that glyphosate is responsible for my ME/CFS – I'm having to battle systemic inflammation as I try to fast/lose weight. I eat organic as far as I can find it, and increasingly grow my own veg.

  12. Its a schame that you didn't informate about the working agent that glyphosate really is. It only works on a plant metabolism that human don't produce so glyphosate itself doesn't harm you as it passes through your body as artiphisial sugar. But everybody fails to mention that additives of previous versions of roundup could be the harmfull piece of it. Also you are talking about ppb or parts per billion. So it means you'll have to drink about 100 liter of wine before you reached the point of "possible cancer" but its till this day not proven. So what you present is fake.

  13. Thanks – great video and very brave to bring this up in such a big channel. Keep up the good work!

  14. My first cousin committed suicide by drinking an entire gallon of Roundup and believe me, it will kill you.

  15. Safe levels? Most people actually would believe this and disregard the danger glyphosate possesses. I had 3 of these beer brands in my home. Down the drain it went. Supposedly Heineken was stated at one point as a Non-GMO beer. Goes to show that you never really know what you're consuming. Good thing I like Vodka. Future generations are screwed. The evil empire's population control is working. I was waiting for a video on this. Thanks for sharing. This corporation needs to be eliminated. It's basically legal manslaughter.

  16. Just out of sheer curiosity, what are the adverse effects from glyphosate in humans? Do we even know?

  17. Great information…really makes me think about my gut health and learning to take control.

  18. Yes,…it is indeed a horrifying topic. Just the title of the video alone made me Stop in my tracks and look to see if I'd read that Correctly!?
    The more I learn of what is approved of and put into our food and water systems,.. the more Depressing! Almost makes you want to just give up!!😟😷

  19. Monsanto=MURDER along with Bayer and every farmer and company or individuals who use it. Banned in countries who.care about their populace. FDA,EPA =the new Hitler and Stalin. First head of FDA was a german nazi.(true). Blessings follow clarity.

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