Dog Seizures: 5 New Remedies

Seizures in dogs can be difficult to treat with up to 30% of dogs not responding to conventional medication. In this video Dr Jones shows you his top 5 new …


  1. My dog is a service dog and was diagnosed with epilepsy uhhh it’s horrible I wish I could cure it fully but I have no money 🙏🏽

  2. What about seizures in cats? What is suspected causes? Have Manx kitty – 12/13 yrs old… in peak condition tho' eats pellets with relish… tinned beef & fish cat food… has just this second had a seizure….!!! Pse help…

  3. How about a potential calcium deficiency and using yogurt or cottage cheese to reduce seizures?

  4. I love your channel. Its so informative. Could you do a video about rabies vaccines and all vaccines necessary for strictly 100% indoor dog? I hear mix things about the negative sides of dog vaccinations. I have a maltese male, neutered 6.5 years old and off vaccines for the past 5 years. Hes in great health.Your input will be greatly appreciated.

  5. Our 12 yr old had her 1st mild seizure this evening. Only lasted for a minute. She couldn’t stand up & when she was able, she was weaving back & forth & acting discombobulated. Do you suggest all of these items or can I add maybe the MCT oil & fish oil to her diet??

  6. Doctor Jones 🌹 your responsible for the health of my two Chihuahua fur babies. Molly was abandoned by her owner to the pound. She almost died of parvo but with all your guidance. She's rarely ever sick anymore. Is canine cannabis good for a dog that is shaky or has seizures? If so what brand do you recommend? Thank you so very much 💙

  7. What do I do? My dog has been in seizure for 3 times this day. I am worried that he will seizure while we are asleep. How do u stop seizure for more than 10 hours?

  8. Thanks for sharing this. I have a 3 yr old lab terrier that’s been having seuzures lately. It’s been every 3 weeks and for 30 mins. The vet recommended phenobarbitals but I don’t feel right giving it to him. This video helped a lot and hopefully can shed some light on my situation. 😔Much appreciated doc!👍🏼

  9. Do you recommend giving the MCT and Omega 3 at the same time or split it up at different times during the day?

  10. Thank you so much for making this video! My VET made it seem like phenobarbital was the only option for my chihuahua and I am now terrified to be late on a dose or take him off. I have been agonizing about what I can do for him to help him.

  11. I have an PIO Hairless. This has happened 2 time's. She is 9 and her back is bad and her heart. But when this happens she hallors really loud. I've never heard anything like it. And she gets very stiff. It takes a while for her to come out of it. First time it happened her front legs did not work for a couple of day's. This last time it was the same as the first time. But she had Olney 2 of these. I'm not sure that this is even what it is. I don't know but it about gave me a heart attack. My poor baby.

  12. Im from Mauritius and my dog suffers from this.. Where to get this syrup

  13. Is it recommend to stop Keppra and switch to CBD oil for my dog? He’s 17 and a chihuahua that weighs 7lbs and has very short seizures that last less than 10-20 seconds and even though he doesn’t paddle just stays stiff. Usually he would have 1-2 and recently he has been 5-7 and I’m really considering stopping his meds because I feel that it has increased since we have gotten him on it. He’s going back to the vet this Monday. Any thoughts? Much appreciated!

  14. Thank you!
    My 4 yr old has been having seizures for two years. I recently stopped bromide and Phenobarbital and went onto Keppra as his liver enzymes were rising. Even with the medication, he was seizing tonic clonic clusters lasting up to 3 days. He has been treated with half a bromide, omega 3 and cbd oil twice daily only for over 2 weeks now and so far no seizures (knock on wood).i would never have had the confidence to stop his medication without you 🌸🐾

  15. Thank you so much for this video but i think im having a brain fart here. For the cbd oil are you giving her enough drops saying shes only 20lbs? Doesnt she weigh more than 20lbs or am I totally missing the math here? My 105lb dog has recently began having seizures so i feel so dumb right now my head is in circles scrambling for info.
    How much should i be giving him?
    Thank you!!

  16. New subscriber here. Visited your page cos my 3.5yr old male labchow mix just had his 4th seizure today. His 3rd was 3 weeks ago. We can't seem to know the real cause even our vet. 1st seizure happened Nov 2018, 9am in the morning. He ate grass, vomited, and then had the seizure. 2nd one was last Jan. 5, morning too, which we think is because of low blood sugar cos we were out the day before so he had his dinner pretty late. Today though, seizure happened in the afternoon. He ate a small amount of grass, vomited, and had a seizure. His seizure lasts only for a minute and he recovers fully after a few minutes. He ate and drank a lot. He also took vitamin B for 15 days as prescribed by the vet, it ended last week. No seizures during the time he was on vitamins. We are really confused and scared. Will definitely try the acupressure. Do you have any ideas on why he has seizures? Thanks so much! Cute dogs too!

  17. I love how they got real calm after the oil at the end. ^.^ Ohh and wanted to ask you what you think about this. My Buster has had seizures all his little life. He is a long haired chihuahua. Sweetest lil guy ya could ever meet. Well to me anyways. ^.^ He is a male dog and is now about 9 years old. He had Kennel Cough when he was barely brought into this world. I hand fed him and later when well he started having seizures. I tried everything and nothing helped until one day he had a full blown one that wasn't going away. He began hassling and was over heating. I told my daughter to bring me an icepack and I placed the ice pack on the back of his head. It helped him stay cool as well as kept his brain from causing a stroke. We were desperate cause no vet offices were open.
    My daughter got on her phone and looked up what could help . We had found 3 options. But the one that seemed to bounce out at me was Vit.C melting tablets. I just happen to have some in my emergency kit. I grabbed them and chewed a little and placed it into his mouth best I could. He never tried to bit me or anyone. His legs would draw up towards his head and become stiff of course. He would growl but never bite. Ok now to what was the result? It began to stop the seizure almost immediately. I have used it from then on when he would have a seizure and same thing every time. They would almost go away as soon as I placed it in and under his tongue . He has almost gone a whole year before the last one he had right before Christmas. None again since.
    My question is ,can VitC be helpful with this? It worked every time so I just have always felt it was the Vit C cause I have never used anything else but that.

  18. Thank you so much for sharing. My 80 lb husky mix has seizures every 4 – 6 weeks. He is now having about 8 seizures that take the span of 3 days. I have tried many different brands of CBD oil, Coconut oil, Changing is diet, Aloevera, clay and have not had any decrease in the number of seizures. I am happy to try your suggestions I really don't want to put him on prescription meds that might not work but will effect his liver. Thank you again ; )

  19. Hi! So you mentioned MCT oil and omega fish oils, I saw you mention in another video that flaxseed oil. You said it was good for dogs with reoccurring ear infections.

    I have a 1 yr old beagle who has had ear infections since he was a puppy. He currently has red dry skin and dandruff so I put him on a salmon based food with no grains. Seems to be better but the skin issue continues.
    So I’m wondering what you would recommend (flaxseed oil, mct or fish oils) or a combination?


  20. Yesterday my dog started to shake head and mouth, he poops all the time & the dose is coming from his mouth, any suggestions?

  21. My 13 year old golden retriever Matu had been struggling with degenerative myelopathy and hip dysplasia since early 2017 and while it was harder to walk, he was still happy. He ate his food, drank his water and enjoyed his kong toy on the weekends. I also took him swimming every single day to keep his strength up and to loosen up his joints without any pressure on his legs. Last night after his normal routine of going out, doing his business (with some help) and then coming in for bed, he had a seizure which my family and I had never experienced before and it was one of the hardest things to watch. We had to make an emergency house call to come put him down. He calmed down before they arrived and thankfully was tired out enough that he went very peacefully.

    I know this may not be the place, but I just needed a place to vent so to speak and this seemed relevant as I was watching your other video about Grief. I have been watching your channel for information over the last 2 years and appreciate that you take the time to make these. Keep up the good work that you're doing.

  22. My 16 years old has been getting seizures for a couple of months now, very light do and not laying as you said. Just stiffness in the neck and front leg. She has also problems with the liver so probably the seizures are because of that? Can be those supplements mentioned in this video also used for my case?

  23. From first hand experience – when applying acupressure to the GV26 point under the nose, WHICH DOES WORK, use caution because during a seizure they may be gnashing teeth and biting, but they are totally unaware of what they are doing. Use a leather glove to avoid being bitten. When using the CBD oil make sure it is COLD PRESSED to prevent the psychoactive ingredients from getting your dog high, and probably sick. Thanks Dr Jones.

  24. Hey doc it's Linda down here in Florida. I gotta tell you this little story….I had a white German Shepard..he had a seizure about once a month. It was horrible..well I was feeding him pedigree dry dog food and I had ran out of it. When I got to the store they were out of stock so I got him a different kind of dog food til the store was restocked with the pedigree…well the dog really liked the new food so I kept buying it…the new food was dog chow…..well low and behold ..NO MORE SEIZURES!!!! WOW!!!! Well for some reason I had got a bag of pedigree in between the dog chow ….and the friggin seizure s started again .. I thought no way…so back to dog chow and No SEIZURES again….come to find out it was the red dye on the pedigree dog dood….some of the nuggets in the bag were dyed red and that's what caused the SEIZURES….hes been on. Dog chow for 3 years with no seizures at all…..i did loose him to old age 4 months ago …i miss him. But maybe my story can help some of your viewers. Check their diet first it could be part or all of the problem

  25. Wish i would've known about raw food, CBD and turmeric when i had my last beloved dog, a red euro Doberman, Roco. His seizures started as small head tremors and got worse and worse. I adopted him when he was 7, he was already having seizures but he was neglected and never taken to the vet. I had him for 2 amazing years before his body finally gave out. I loved him so damn much. I don't think i can ever have another dog after him. I miss him every single day even though it's been ten years now. He was the very goodest boy.

  26. It’s just interesting how this just popped up today. My Buddy a 85lb Black Lab had a seizure last week not a bad one. The Vet did all the lab work and everything came back normal. He’s 9 yrs old. Just wait not to see if he has anymore. I hope not.

  27. great info. but I have to say it wasn't easy doing the acupressure on my dog during a seizure but with the CBD he's almost free of them.

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