Does Pot Really Improve Sex? | New Jersey Gets Closer to Legalization | MERRY JANE NEWS

MERRY JANE For many couples, cannabis and coitus are the perfect match. But although the internet is rife with stories about how …


  1. What they need to do is patient that are medical legalization that are on social security $400 an ounce. They give those a discount but it comes off sales tax which puts it back up to almost same price. Sad. We can’t even carry with us yet even when we have a nj mmp ID

  2. Still one of the funniest, dumbest topics revolving around pot.
    " OH im so stoned…that was great bae.."
    "Bitch we aint done nuthin yet!" >,;,< lol

  3. I'm not gonna lie. I've broken out the lavender incense and Jergens lotion three times so far for this video.
    Adaeze is so cute to me.

  4. They’re getting closer to legalization however ppl on soc sec have to pay over 400$ an ounce and is horrible.

  5. Had a boy german boyfriend lived with him for 8 years. Smoked Weed evrr day. 4 hours of sex everytime we had sex. It was Beautiful..I did the no sex thing for 5 years before we got ❤ With no viagra or anything..The Best.😄

  6. 1:34 "They hypothesized that the stress-relieving effects of pot could inspire the confidence and willingness to experiment."

    Goddamn how fucking stupid can these researchers be? That's not how drugs work at all. Cannabis's aphrodisiac and sexual (tactile) enhancing effects has absolutely nothing to do with its anxiolytic effects. It never ceases to amaze me how simplistic and almost juvenile straight-edged peoples' perceptions of drugs and altered states are even when they claim to be professionals in the field. How one dimensional can you be in your thinking, seriously…

  7. I love pretty girls, who are articulate and smoke weed. But what I need to know is. When the fck is GGN coming back?

  8. yes it does it gives you this tingling sensation all over ya body during sex to the point where you gotta hold back cuz you might bust too quick. lol

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