Does Marijuana LOWER Testosterone? (What The Science Says)

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  1. 44:00 you haven't smoked it in 2.5years. a) there's more than just smoking, ie. Capsules, tongue sprays. B) you're missing out big time (in terms of success benefits, creativity, big new insights, etc, it can provide) by not taking it at least 1x a month?

  2. 42:00 proposition: it strongly boosts testosterone for those who take it 1x week. Also there is more than just smoking now (lol). Tongue sprays, capsules

  3. So if i vaporize small amounts of weed occasionally i should be safe without catastrophic effects? Great video tho thanks

  4. Great vid doc! My one suggestion would be to perhaps consider giving a quick overview of your main results/findings in the beginning of the video, similar to an abstract in a study, bc many ppl won’t have the time to watch the full hour but would like to get the general results anyway, and then perhaps if they have time later they can watch the rest and go more in depth- great stuff tho!

  5. If you guys have ANY questions about Testosterone, Sexual Health, Masculinity, Confidence… please comment below and I will answer them for you or make a video about that topic and yes… I read EVERY comment 🙂

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