Does CBD Oil Work? What You Need to Know Before You Buy! | KLEE IRWIN

If you’ve ever wanted to feel better and breathe easier, then do we have the Pain Nation show for you! Today I’ll be talking with Klee Irwin, founder of Irwin …


  1. No way I could listen to this for over an hour.  Put up with it for about twenty minutes.  Don't think this man was ever going to get to a point.

  2. How to sensibly buy LEGAL CBD oil? Because I got a letter saying customs have confiscated my package two times already and I’m pissed.

  3. Great intetview but one big question any drug intetactions when taking the. Cbd pills Irwin Co is so legit Finally found a company all can trust But drug interactions

  4. My fave Youtube interveiw channel! So glad Klee was interviewed! I was wanting more info on CBD and got it from someone who KNOWS what they are talking about! Great show! I had to stop half way through and get onto Irwinnaturals website and order some! Then came back and watched the rest of the interview. Can't wait to try it and see how it helps me. Then I can get more for special family members that so need it but can't even afford to get health insurance and medical treatment. Thank you Klee for seeing the need and having compassionate pricing! WooHoo! You shine bright!

  5. Thanks for such a splendid interview. Klee is obviously brilliant in so many diverse areas from science to consciousness. I am a newbie to learning about CBD. It is bewildering because there is such a vast array of products & alleged health claims. I have suffered for decades from major depression & sleep issues. I hope that CBD can be part of the solution.

  6. After grandma's arrested, jailed at Disney for carrying CBD oil, I have no idea if I can legally order it or not. CBD oil is legal in America, but at the same time not. If that makes sense… Which it doesn't. Is mailing CBD oil legal?

  7. Wonderful interview. My pregnant daughter-in-law asked her doctors about using CBD oil during her pregnancy. They approved CBD oil but forbade THC. One must always check with one’s own doctor but the bouncing four-month-old boy is very animated, happy and responsive.

  8. So will this oil impair your driving capabilities or work capabilities in any way? How long after it's taken do you reap the benefits of it?

  9. This is hands down the best youtube channel and unfortunately people aint choosing to watch

  10. Omg, my daughter has absence seizures & I haven’t been able to afford cbd for her. Bless this guy!!!!
    Oh darn, I thought he said his company sells cbd at a lesser price, but I can’t find it online.

  11. Marijuana and hemp were made illegal, in part, because of the paper industry. Wasn’t it Mr. Lodge whom vilified the plant? He was helping the Hearst family paper industry. “Marijuana” is a bastardized version of the Hispanic word for the the plant. Alcohol and pharmaceuticals have dominated and been and still are very lucrative. But people bought in to the propaganda around the plant 50+ years ago and this is still demonized by hypocrisy. Meanwhile the excise tax on alcohol has been lowered in a move to increase sales. It worked- I have seen alcohol sales now in stores which previously only sold beer and wine. It has been moved and now in even more prominent places- front and center in stores.. especially small markets.

  12. ADD, "Difficulty paying attention to that which bores you." Omg, too good. :)) Before I say, what I'm going to say next, I beseech your pardon of my forward nature. Michael, I feel compelled to tell you that, it in no way diminishes Jessicas direct experience of miscarriage for you to have equally shared that experience. According to epigenetics, the cellular environment is highly affected by the hormonal composition in the body. Our moods and beliefs directly affect our hormonal soup and in turn the cellular biome which then affects gene expression. No one affects our all around environment like our significant other. You and Jessica are directly and heavily influencing each others cellular expression whether or not you ever create a physical person. The "We" of you two is disembodied, just as is your "future" child. You are still creating the We, the disembodied expression of your epigenetic influence on each other, the essence if you will, is still coalescing. The child entity will come when the We of you and Jessica resonates perfectly with that being. It's not a block, nothing is wrong, it's a matter of perfect alignments. Allow your desire for being parents and having a child together be like an open gentle attractor….relax and nurture, relax and nurture. You are not just along for the ride Michael, you're both the direct co-creators of your life and story together. Again, forgive me for being forward. I could not stop my hands from typing this, they have a mind of their own sometimes. You are a gallant and genuine fellow, I wish you and Jessica the best. All goodness to you.

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