…Does cannabis oil cure cancer? if so why has it been illegal for over 50 years?

Minimum wage in UK judged ‘too low’ by European Committee of Social Rights …


  1. its been against gods law which is what [illegal] means because it kills cancer. if we keep as-king for a cure they will just keep curing [ preserving ] it. we need to use a word like [KILL] cancer we only getting what we ask for.

  2. The "Governments" have known since long before 1974 that cannabis oil treats cancer.
    Big pharma was created in America by the Rockefeller foundation which was created at around about the same time as the privately owned Federal Reserve bank of America was. After which, natural health care doctors were put out of business either by death, or bankruptcy or false imprisonment.

  3. Ref 5G
    I recommend that everyone watches the film: "They Live". It may cure you all, of your fears of 5G.
    No way would "they" want to kill themselves too. But I know that "they" enjoy being cruel, hence the term: "Fear Porn".

    I never lose any sleep over 5G for the above reasons.

    P.S. Only 2% of us are them? LOL, its more like 20%!

  4. it is very important the information you have heard about G5 is very true, the radiation passes THROUGH your body, through walls, homes, schools, nurseries, shops, factories….everything! Can you believe 1 in 2 people WILL get cancer….REALLY? 1 in 2? WHY??
    G5 is deadly, there should be a national INQUIRY BEFORE A JAPANESE COMPANY IS PAID BILLIONS OF OUR MONEY to put the infrastructure here in this country. Protect yourselves…protect your children!!

  5. Regarding the DWP – i'd like to know how many people were found fit for work and then forced to go to the job centre (or starve) then later commited suicide because they couln't cope. . this is what the DWP don't want getting out.

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