Does Cannabis Help With Cancer? Can Cannabis Cure Cancer – Part 1

Does Cannabis Help With Cancer? Can Cannabis Cure Cancer – Part 1 Cannabis or Marijuana as it’s also known has been said to cure cancer, help shrink tumors and aid in pallative care but is…



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  2. I've worked in the hospice for years we have over 365 deaths per year. Cannabis has never cured cancer in any of our cancer patients and that is comprised of 99% of our patients.

  3. I’m a cancer patient that has legally obtained access to cannabis.
    It has been effective. I have never used it for pain. That said, I’ve found it’s helped me in my journey from end stage cancers (bone, sacrum, hips, breast and sternum, and skin ) No chemo, no radiation. I rub cannabis tincture directly on my breasts. I used it under the tongue. My doctors said it was shown to “eat” or “shrink” cancer cells…I ca t recall which he said.

  4. Yes Dan,you need the high thc Rick Simpson oil though ,maybe even inject it . Also use cbd as well . Much love

  5. Smh, been a real shame to watch cancer destroy this man. He was and is sadly misinformed about the role of fatty acid neurotransmitters AKA cannabinoids in the human endocannabinoid system, or the rather large body of legitimate peer reviewed and published work on the medical benefits of cannabis ( Like Salk Institute's recent discovery about the body using THC to fight Alzheimer's by removing the deposits that cause the condition ). No doubt he was fed a steady diet of lies and poison by his doctors, and I can only hope that others take heed and do their due diligence when it comes to looking up the facts on cannabinoids

  6. There's "no proof" because the pharmaceutical industry doesn't make a profit on you living or being cured quickly. It's all submission of data

  7. I know of someone who actually got rid of their cancer completely by using Cannabis Oil. It made them feel horrible, puke ALOT, and puke up so much disgusting black tar looking stuff, but it worked for them. Doctors refused to treat them after he got rid of his cancer.

  8. F-f-f-false. Cannabisin B (derived from hemp oil) induces autophagic cell death in HepG2 human (yes, as in Homo sapien) hepatoblastoma cells. I've got a 642 page book full of studies on the things cannabis treats right in front of me. It sites 43 studies on cancer. If the point of this video is to persuade people not to stop conventional treatment, then I agree. But don't do it by spreading misinformation.

  9. I'm not convinced at all…. there are a handful of people who claim it's cured them, HOWEVER that's about the same amount of people who experience spontaneous remission. Thing is they DONT write the 10000s of people who it didn't work for.
    I absolutely believe cbd oil is good for your health, pain, seizures and anxiety. I love that you've told the truth !!

  10. Please check Richard Simpson’s Oil, now he moved to the UK, after he was making oil, he believes THC kills cancer, it saved his life.. his book the 75.00 one is the recipe, he was making it and giving to 🇨🇦🤔😳😍😍😍 w cancer, he got raided, they moved to uk.. his info is great.. the biggest issue I have had, is no one wants to say THC kills cancer or cbdoil via hemp kills cancer because billions is at stake. It took me about 4 years to get diagnosed, then I’m one a fnnn million my ENT said.. I’ve been a Ginnypig .. Ricks theories, that oil should be put where the cancer is, if it’s stomach, u eat cbdoil w THC. Or cbdoil from hemp, totally different. If it’s like in 🧠 I eat ar 11am, then I can sleep threw the high part, I mean u can smoke cbd but, if your treating hard core cancers, take oil to source.. when r health care going to realize it saves lives, a grain of rice size cbd can stop seizures.. I had no choice, if my tumor comes I will radiate as then it will kill all sound in my acoustic nerve. It all started w a bee sting..

  11. I’m on 160mg of morphine per day for pain (not cancer) I’ve often wondered if cannabis would help me, but I don’t have a clue how / where to buy it from ? I’m housebound so I have to rely on the internet for all of my shopping needs.
    Any suggestions would be really appreciated.

  12. It is being studied at Stellenbosch University in South Africa and a microbiologist here in South Africa who had numerous cancers tested various strains on himself and is cancer free. i met him a while back. amazing guy. i was looking for his details for Emily Hayward and I found them. His website is

  13. When you made this video there had been tons of research done on said subject. Dr, Sonjay Gupta went over the studies in his special on t.v. Google it, my friend. I happen to know right now you're very, very sick, please, look into it, it may help you right now.

  14. Times have changed. I am on a medication called Syndros. It's a synthetic form of weed… My oncologist and team as well as my pain doctors all decided to start this because cases have shown it does help not only fight cancer but also helps with pain and nausea.. I know this is an older post, but if you happen to see this and they haven't tried it yet, and if you can get it in the UK… I would say, give it a try.. Not saying it will cure cancer but it hopfully can help..

  15. Yes there has my friend… and human trials. The use of full spectrum cannabinoids is now proven to be an affective anti tumour agent by some great minds in Spain, Madrid, that's where the latest cancer research is! I cant forget Israel! Get yourself to the Conference in London on the 22nd May and please listen to Cristina Sanchez & Dr Guzman and their 15 years of research and findings.

  16. i have some magic beans for sale. they not only cure cancer they also make arms and legs grow back instantlyx

  17. This needs to be trailed in Humans to be sure but the signs are hopeful on what we have got so far

  18. Did you watch the lady on "this morning" she had 6 weeks to live after ovarian cancer spread to her bowel and stomach. Cannibis oil cleared the bowel tumours completely away and she has just a little left in her stomach. It's very interesting 😁

  19. 🤔 I agree. I have loved ones who take it for pain and anxiety relief. However, if they get caught, they'll be spending their time in jail. ☹ This State is rough. Especially if your not part of the majority. 🤷‍♀️

  20. While Cannabis isn't a cure, I'm intrigued by the other "Benefits." They're getting ready to make it legal here in Kentucky (USA). While there is no way I'm smoking anything again, I will try it for my chronic pain. If I can get off the Gabapentin and Flexeril, I'll do it!!!
    I'll try the gummy's or something similar.

  21. I'm glad you are doing a video on cannabis. I haven't watched it yet, but I think it helps with nausea and pain. I know it helps as a friend of mine with lung cancer uses it. I used it myself when I had major surgery on a broken femur. It is legal in many states now; unfortunately it is not legal at all in the state of Mississippi. It does help with appetite as well. I used it for years recreationally and "the munchies" are real.

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