1. I try to smoke after a workout. Surrey B.C. " Cause the Munchies 😂" ! Loved this video more like it!

  2. Nah I smoke after, never before work outs, i need to get the munchies, due to the fact of always losing my appetite, weeds is life, I need them carbs

  3. I have found after years I use cannabis for cardio workouts. I can simply run/workout forever if I smoke a bit before a cardio intensive workout. However, heavy lifting and getting PR's I found harder on it but that's just for me and some can do it.

  4. 20 seconds into video… consume cannabis very little before and as much as you want afterwards! Dont overthink shit. Dumb video. Marijuana can actually suppress your appetite after long term use. Thc and cbd = good ! Much better than alcohol or really anything else.

  5. Performance definitely can dwindle as your high increases. I say it depends on the exercise and why. Going on a hike to enjoy a nice day outside with cannabis is better than being literally couch locked. In the gym I use it therapeually because of the stronger mind-body connection I feel. On non-lifting days I do MAPS prime or mobility sessions from MAPS performance, and sometimes I do these sessions high and man I can just tell which muscles are tight and what angles to stretch them properly. After a good mobility session like that I leave the gym feeling like water.

  6. Thanks ♥️💪👍
    I started using CBD /Thc 1:1 gummies for some pain and sleep issues. I haven't noticed any increase in hunger and it is definitely helping. As for better sleep Means better recovery from my work outs and daily stress etc. My cardio has not been affected either. Very little calories too.

  7. This video is informative ofcourse but please dont turn this channel into one of other cbd seller advertiser workout channels. They show some workout for 3-4 mins and after that they get in a cold tube and keep shit talking while smoking their own products for 10-15 mins, I hate that I don't understand why they ruin their good subsciption rates and their channels completely. This dan blizerian trend have to stop, its irritating 😀

  8. Weed makes you feel more sensitive in general. Lifting heavy feels heavier and sucks while doing something like an arm workout with machines, fluff work, feels nice with good contractions. I believe the most positive effect is the relaxation when using it while not lifting. This lowers stress and soreness

  9. Is there any scientific evidence that it decreases reaction time? I only saw one study that tested this and the conclusion was that reaction time was unaffected. However, the same study concluded that it increased movement errors, which would definitely be a potential source of harm in a workout.

  10. I have found that it can actually also help to curb apettite in circumstances.

    Especially if tou eat due to boredom/ as an activity. It can help occupy you.

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