So, I always try to be open and honest with you guys. And I’m going to continue to do that! Today I wanted to share my experience with CBD for anxiety and …


  1. I am an avid #MentalHealthAwareness advocate and performer, and I love this so much. I travel the country trying to bring that awareness on stages, in classrooms, hospitals, and on my YouTube channel, so I get excited when I see other advocates. ๐Ÿ’™โค

  2. Hey Sarah !, Great video and energy! love it !
    My gf has big anxiety issue, she takes a lot of pills, but since she discovered CBD, it changed her life, so Yeah, CBD rules!!

    Issue is that we can't order stuff from US, bcs regulation is still crazy. But we found , they have good product and i love the flowers ( mandarina is OP)didyou try them?
    Anyways, keep it like this, you are perfect!!

  3. You are absolutely fabulous. How often do you do your grocery shopping? What stores do you usually shop at? I think it would be awesome if you could do some in store grocery shopping videos and show how you shop

  4. Youโ€™re so beautiful, I miss your vlogs and videos so much girl! And Iโ€™m happy youโ€™re doing good ๐Ÿ’ž love youuuu

  5. You talk fast. Is that a CBD tincture? Or something else? I've been dealing with similar anxiety issues.

  6. Love the video and topic! Shares like this help so many and make a difference to more than we know! Found inspiration here for my channel and vids! All the support and keep doing you!

  7. How to sensibly buy LEGAL CBD oil? Because I got a letter saying customs have confiscated my package two times already and Iโ€™m pissed.

  8. Can you make a video about working after graduation? Like what field you went into and what you are doing now?

  9. Just be careful with the thc hun. A lot of them say theyโ€™re thc free but they all have โ€œtrace amounts.โ€ Iโ€™m going back for nursing (I live in NYS) and one of my friends (who just finished nursing school) told me when they test you for employment just taking cbd can test you positive for thc because of the trace amounts (even if theyโ€™re labeled thc free) so just keep that in mind! Super upsetting because cbd oil was really helping me and now Iโ€™ll have to stop

  10. I love this!
    Sarah! Your energy is great! I wish you all the positivity and love in the world! You are awesome!!
    Now I DO smoke! And if you do too but are done smoking alone! I just posted a smoke session!
    We smoke, joke and review Rupaul's Drag Race Season 11 Finale!
    Check it out! Feedback is greatly appreciated!

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