Dimebags vs. Dispensaries: Street Dealers to Multi-Million Dollar Weed Startups

In 2016, VICE met business partners in Atlanta who had a dream of getting into the legal weed business, but couldn’t see a way to take their illegal grow off the …


  1. Id love for weed to be recreationaly legal, the benefits of it are unbelievable, western society is a joke, allowing prescription drugs like valium and xanax to be legal but not weed?… its true, its not for everyone but legalising this herb will seperate the criminals involved with this harmless bud, itll create revenue creating an economical boost. Listen, im not saying weeds all sunshine and rainbows, abuse of anything can cause harm, but surely its a better alternative to chemical, artificial prescription drugs

  2. This is beautiful and it couldn't have happened to better people, I hope they continued to be blessed, love to see this type of thing

  3. Yeah let's make weed about race. Because we don't have enough race issues in the world. I'm black to so don't come at me with that white devil shit. Just forget about the race bull shit and let people smoke weed to chill. Always bringing race into shit is going to always keep it relevant and race problems will never go away. Stop talking bout the shit and people will move on.

  4. I wonder how smart it is to reveal his identity and talk about his past. Oh, if they narrate the stuff he did that was illegal that can't be used as evidence, can it. 😁 I figured the IRS would love to extract their pound of flesh for all the money he made before it became legal.

  5. Dam always with the race card wtf y r black people the most racist today they didn't grow up through the civil Rights movement dam always turn shit about race you guys keep hate alive for nothing

  6. "war veteran for sellling pot"
    absolute joke, real veterans see their friends explode and lose limbs.
    this dude is just getting high

  7. my dream is to work in a weed related field wether is growing,store or anything too bad i live in greece that throu all the beurocracy and societal bariers it will take 30 years for anything tot happen i am not just a ''stoner'' who is someone that just smokes all day the secret is to not abuse it and incorporate it into your life like an adult but also the all the different strains ect its just a blast to keep learning and also the effect that it has on ppl that they simply want to chill and talk about anything sure it its drawbacks but so are other legal substances that the world abuses ill just sit here and wait with low quality and super overpriced illegal weed untli i turn 50

  8. 15:27 You aint never seen a bunch of black people with a bunch of weed with the cops about to come. Stfu. Gotta love Vice and their narrative and agenda. I see right thru it.

  9. bruh said "we'll be waiting" 😂😂 like he put in some type of work to reap some benefits 😂😂

  10. It's sickening to me that marijuana is still classified to be as harmful as Heroin and Cocaine are to the body and to society. The true "gateway" drugs are Nicotine and Alcohol but the ignorant will never acknowledge that. The politicians who have never smoked, vaped or injested THC should not be able to sign laws related to it.

  11. can't wait till the fbi takes u down . u shouldnt be able to profit off an federally illegal buisiness

  12. These are the moments that I hate Vice news. You idiots were doing great until the moment you got racist. The fact is that marijuana was made illegal not so that they could screw over the black man, but because the hemp industry was going to be a huge competitor to the already thriving Lumber and paper industry. So the marijuana tax Stamp Act was created. Learn a little something about history before you pretend that it's just because everyone is racist you stupid liberal twats.

  13. When people smoke or vape weed, cultural, racial, ethnic, all the things the separate us disappear as we all become fellow potheads, stoners. Never saw that with alcohol.

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