Demystifying the endocannabinoid system. | Ruth Ross | TEDxMississauga

Dr. Ruth Ross describes what happens in the brain when introduced to tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), one of the primary ingredients in cannabis. This talk was …


  1. The random key analogy doesnt work.Cannabis/Hemp has been like the dog or horse in mankinds development,anyone who had a boat needed a rope,anyone who had a rope knew about Cannabis/hemp.

  2. THC replaces anandamide and disturbs it's natural production. Anandamide seems rather important for managing mental illnesses. Which is why it makes Schizophrenia worse. Cannabidiol almost has opposite effect. And is all around a good guy molecule.
    Also exercising on THC is probably a good idea and easier than you might think. It would like having a runner's high before you run.

  3. Billions of keys.. but 2 fit from that same plant 🤔
    With respect, so many years experience:
    We would of liked you to go into the effects of CBD on this system. "Too much THC makes you prang out and forgetful" yup.
    What of the anti effects of CBD. Does that also move your endo cannasystem!? Does it balance anxiety? Why is it so insanely popular? must be a reason.. missed opportunity.

  4. if we took her conclusion Big "R Little D (research & Development)" approach to transportation, automation or anything else we'd still be living in caves trying to light the fires with sticks! But hey, their type get paid to research and ponder, not to actually produce…

  5. The powers-that-be always try to steer you away from thc, just like this talk. I'm not buying into her speech.

  6. The relationship between CBD and THC is FAR too important to just leave out. It's literally what protects your brain from THC's bad side and boosts it's medicinal properties. What a shame..

  7. So many in society railing against the ills of cannabis use, so few against the uses of war…wonder which one is more dangerous…

  8. She can say anything she wants. Someday if she is sitting in from of an Oncologist and they are telling her that the best plan of action is to fry her body with chemo and radiation and destroy her immune system, well she can refer back to this talk. My guess is, she is either a Big Pharma clone or she's backed by the FDA.

  9. Wow, so disappointing to see a TedTalk with a guest that is giving BAD information. I have to wonder who is paying for her "research"….

  10. As many of the popular comments under that video pointed out,

    there are DEEP PROBLEMS, and DEEPER PROBLEMS, associated
    with respect to anyone actually 'employed' in established systems.

    Generally speaking, people deliberately do NOT
    recognize their own surrounding keys and locks.

  11. Is she forreal?? She is betting on the ignorance of humanity to fall for this… So, be afraid of weed… It could give you disease and other horrible stuff…. But, big pharma is turning weed into a prescription, so you be afraid of that cannabis, until pharmaceutical corporations can make billions off of their prescription version

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