Del. Steve Heretick: "Legalize Marijuana in VA" (HB2371)

Delegate Steve Heretick (D-Portsmouth) is introducing legislation (HB2371) to legalize marijuana in the Commonwealth of Virginia for adults 21 and over.


  1. Politicians with their traps for attention, a dirty way to be popular and obtain votes for the next Nov. 5th . The "Chapo" started his business with the marijuana mixed with crime, can you think in a better idea instead of this? Virginia as a 'high' society…? No-no. Do not destroy the beauty of Virginia.

  2. Sir. I deal with bipolor 2 disorder. Ive been thrown every pill in the book. Cannibas allows me to have a normal life. I can take a small puff and for almost 48 hours I am clear headed. If people knew how sevre mental health can be and how little help there is theyd understand this common used answer when asked why you smoke.. I have no other treatment option left. Im 31 . Since I was a teen ive had a psych. God bless her but shes useless. Ive been on narcotics and srris. Lithum. The book.. I need people like you. I feel mental illness is viewed like criminals are.

  3. thank you…. we should have a choice in our health… I want the option to go natural verse all the pharmaceutical drugs with the bad she effects..

  4. Wow I can't believe this (in a good way). My friends and I would always joke saying VA would be one of the last states to legalize weed…

  5. Doesn’t make any since why now how many people has tobacco and alcohol killed given second hand smoke liver damage or cancer ? Or drunk driver have killed but weed is bad okay ?

  6. 100% make Virginia a part of the 21st century and the future of this great nation. It's time for progress for Virginia!

  7. This is great if it can happen. Good for the everyday person, family, school, state economy and also veterans. How about adding some links to the top of the video description on where to find and contact our respective legislators?

  8. Thank you sir! GOD bless you! As a patient of cannabis in MI I’m awaiting a move to VA to live on my land without worry of being able to care for my pain! I personally thank you from the bottom of my heart! For helping the public and myself for introducing this bill! God bless! Passing it on and asking all I know to call and message showing their support! Thank you once again! For caring for the public! God bless you sir! Thanks again! C. Myers Duffield, VA resident.

  9. I believe this will happen…the casino….the surf resort..we need work done to the streets, buildings need renewing..billions of dollars will be generated along with jobs.

  10. I am a Proud YouTuber to Review and Learn new things as I go with life in General. Marijuana is a god given Plant 🌱. That grows from the Roots to the bud, I know a lot when it comes with The Common Wealth. But do keep this in mind. No matter who you are and What You Are, it’s what to expect from this Bill.

  11. Come on Virginia! I hope we join other states, and even other nations who realize the ridiculousness of making this plant illegal.

  12. Yessss this will help so many people give jobs more tax revenue please support this!!!!! It’s time we join the rest of the country in this

  13. Thank you for introducing this in an election year, Delegate Heretick! This wonderful cause WILL make and break campaigns (as well as motivate Virginians to enthusiastically vote) this year!

  14. I am terminally ill. My disease has no cure, and will kill me. There have been studies that the Rick Simpson oil treatment can not only fight, but CURE ME. This could save my life! Also, it is absolutely ABSURD that I can be given unlimited opiates for pain management, but if I get caught using THC, I violate my pain contract and have all pain management taken away from me for a year. Not to mention, I lose custody of my child. I worked on nuclear power plants. I have never been an addict of any sort….I am a PATIENT being denied pain relief, and possibly a longer life. I HATE OPIATES! If I could never touch them, and not be in suicidally bad pain, I wouldn't. Every doctor says CBD/THC would be absolutely beneficial to me. Thank you sir!

  15. I have Transverse Myletis which has damaged my spinal cord and often causes terrible pain. I would use medical marijuana if I could get it and if it would help with my pain. I'm not sold on the recreation use of it yet.

  16. Thank you Del.Heretick. The pain I have from 2 broke vertebrae and Mix Connective Tissue Disease is terrible. I don't like to take hydrocodone but I have to to help with the pain. It only helps me about 50%. I tried marijuana and it helps 98% to 100%. But I can't use it cause due to the laws I have to go through regular drug testing and if I am positive for marijuana then they take away my pain meds. Please help legalize marijuana do 8 can be out of pain and have some quality of life. Thank you!

  17. I strongly oppose this bill and movement. It's time for those of us who value the cognitive health of our nation, our children and our communities to speak out.

  18. Wow! We're going down. Legalizing drugs. Legalizing same-sex marriage. Donald Trump is President???! What will be next???

  19. It's not a matter of if, but when it will be fully legalized nationwide…There's hope for Virginia yet, however just keep an eye on New York, as that is the most influential 'trigger' State to expedite much faster legalization nationwide, because once New York turns, it's over…the proverbial prohibition dominoes in almost every other State will fall so fast it'll make your head spin. I say ''almost'' because there may be a few remaining 'stick in the mud' States that won't jump on board so fast, yet.

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